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Taylored House is an online store/Movement that not only showcases amazing South African brands but is also a platform that places value on women.

When you shop at Taylored House online store 10% of anything purchased R250 and over goes towards fundraising for a girl less fortunate to go to a woman’s conference in April called The Colour Conference (more info below ). This lucky girl will get a full makeover from a new outfit to hair and makeup. If there are enough purchases on the site then more girls get to attend.

We believe that placing value on women is of utmost importance and plays a huge role in how a lady carries herself and how she sees the world. When you buy something online you are placing value on yourself, right? which is amazing, but when you know that what you are buying is not just a spoil yourself moment but it’s also an investment into someone’s future.

Taylored House is committed to making your shopping experience something that has an eternal value of making another person’s life that much better. Every time you wear that piece of clothing or Jewelry, every time you cover yourself with that cozy blanket, whatever it is you purchased, you will know that it was for a good cause and the bonus is that you have something new.
Be apart of a shopping experience with a difference. Be apart of being the difference. Shop with a purpose. Shopping doesn’t need to be a selfish thing, spend money knowing that someone else is reaping a great reward in return.

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