We are all (myself included) so concerned with ourselves. At the same time we are also  looking over our shoulder to see what the person beside us in life are doing. Our friends, family spouse etc… we compare our journey to theirs and for some reason we have decided that if we some how are not where they are or have not succeeded in as many things as them then we have failed. We put so much pressure on ourselves to always be better but not in a healthy way, in a way that stresses us out unnecessarily and we start to doubt ourselves.

When we feel like we have failed we feel weak. I have come to realise that when I am weak I am actually at my strongest because I am not in control and I can actually let God be in control of my life. It is such a liberating feeling to know that when I don’t know what to do anymore I know that God who holds my future is in control. You see two people can never be fully in control at the same time and both be effective. Ultimately somebody has to be in the passenger’s seat.

I can’t speak for anyone else but if I am in control of my life all of the time then when things do go wrong ( and trust me they will ) I will not be able to handle it in my own strength, I am imperfect, inpatient, short-tempered and insecure. BUT if I put my unfortunate circumstances in Gods hands and let him take the driver’s seat all of a sudden my vision becomes clear, I become stronger and I get a Confidence that I can only get from him. I become a nicer person and I can be who he has called me to be.

You see God wants us to get to that point where we come to the end of ourselves so that we can rely on him because he wants us to win in life, he wants us to succeed in everything that we do but when we do it alone we will always be struggling and striving, we will be looking over to other lanes in the traffic so to speak. When you get distracted that is when you get into an accident .

Ways that have helped me to stay focused when I feel like I am weak:

1: Read the word of God it is alive!

it renews your soul , give you vision for your future and its Gods voice speaking into your situation.

2: Surround yourself with People that Build you up not break you down

Life is to short for negativity and people who don’t edify your life.  be an encourager and you will attract encouraging people into your life.

3: Have that one person you trust with your life that you can tell everything to

A mentor, someone older and wiser that can be honest with you and you can be honest with them.

4: Always make sure your speech of others and yourself is positive

Always honour with your words even if the person isn’t in the room ( or especially when they are not in the room )

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