For such a time as this

This past Saturday was one for the memory books for me. I got to hang out with my hubby.  That may not seam like such a big deal to some people but for us it is. With Ghiomes work being pretty hectic and time consuming its hard to find time to actually go out and just be young and free haha. Its been a pretty hectic few years for us so to hang out like best friends again was really special. We love going to our fave spot to just hangout and eat Nutella Cheesecake. It really is the best I have ever had.

I also got gifted this Tshirt I am wearing, usually I ask Ghiome to take a pic for me of my outfit and with hesitation and alot of begging from my end he eventually he grants my wish, BUT this day I got lucky as he was just in the mood to be creative hahaha. These fun pics ( from our phones ) are the result of what was a pretty fun day.

live in the most beautiful city in the world! we went up signal hill just before the tourist rush got there and decided to just be tourists in our own back yard and take pictures. When Ghiome wants to take pictures I dont ask questions I just go with it hahaha.

Loved wearing my New Tee from Theophilia Collection. Its just that classic white tshirt feeling but with a stunning purpose filled quote. I love wearing Clothes that make me feel like a boss lady and this top does just that.

We are going to be married for 5 year on the 3rd May! I do not know where the time as gone. It feels like forever but at the same time feels like only 2 seconds have gone by.

Marriage is really such an adventure and by no means easy but all the challenges definitely have made us stronger people and stronger together.

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