Messy and afraid

Staying positive in a world where bad things are happening all around us is hard sometimes. If you just watch the news, that alone can send you on a downward spiral of negativity. Maybe it’s at work where your colleges are gossiping constantly or a group of friends you have, always have something bad to say.

Life can be hard sometimes and when negativity screams at you from every corner, it is pretty tough to get back up on the positivity wheel. I would love to share with you ways I have learnt to stay positive in hard times, how I have chosen to keep “showing up” so to speak when everything is screaming at you to give up.

1: Choose to Surround yourself with Positive people

Now I know it is inevitable that we will come across negative people in our life, we might even be friends with them, so knowing how to deal with that is quite important if you don’t want to adopt the same point of view or perspective in life. Firstly negative people are not bad people they just see things differently. That is why I would say that it is important to surround yourself with friends that see the bright side of life, people that choose to see the best in others ( not naive people, positive people ) that way when you are speaking to somebody with a negative mindset it will be easy for your response back to be one of a positive nature instead of fueling the fire and agreeing. When you surround yourself with something you will start to become like your environment. Even though sometime it may be a daily struggle being positive is a choice.

2: Speak it out

There is power in your words. What you say not only affects you but others around you. I know that when I am faced with a negative thought, if I counteract that thought with the exact opposite words suddenly my negative thoughts do not have power anymore. eg: MY THOUGHT: ” i’m not good enough ” IF I CHOOSE TO SPEAK OUT  “I am more than equipped for the task ahead”

The more I do that, slowly but surely the negative thought does not have a hold on you anymore. Speaking positively over your thought life brings you freedom. Even if your reality is saying the opposite, God speaks the truth always. Choose to believe him and speak that over your situation.


3: Ask yourself; Do I want to change?

beating the battle of negativity comes down to the question of whether you want to change or not. Sometimes giving up is way easier, If I can be really real with you many there were many times last year when I wanted to just give up because things were constantly happening that I felt were taking my spirit down. As 2018 has approached many of the same things are still trying to attack my thought life but if I want to overcome then the most important step is that I need to WANT TO CHANGE!

Life can be messy, lets be real the things every single one of us go through is important and relevant to our season. Which is why we need to have more grace for others around us. We do not know what everyone is going through  and sometimes we never will but if someone is being negative around you, instead of judging or getting frustrated because they do not see things the way you do, try to understand and get to know them before you jump to assumptions.

Scary hey, I know! but sometimes we need to put ourselves out there if we want to understand people more. Messy and afraid but we do it anyway because thats life. Messy and afraid but we still choose to be positive, messy and afraid but we still choose to show up!


Tassel Jacket: Vintage

Black Tee: Zara

Denims: Re Denim at Woolworths

Shoes: Zara

Photographer: Manesha Smit

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