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Hey Everyone so here we are in a brand new year, 2018 can you believe it. Yes I now I am a bit late on the new year train but I have been on holiday and let me tell you it was an amazing holiday. I needed that break. How ever I am super excited to be back and I have been iching to write my first blog post for the year. When thinking about what to write for my posts I really can’t help myself when it comes to being real and transparent, yeah sure there are certain things I like to keep private but if there is something that I have learnt or am learning and I feel like you could benefit, then heck yeah you can count on me to share it. If you have never come across my blog before and you love a good read of what I like to call soul food then you have come to the right place in fact you can read up more about what Taylored Heart is all about if you click here.

Minimalism, I am sure you have heard the word before, in fact how could you not have. It’s almost as if it has become a trend now to become a minimalist, almost like how being vegan has or being gluten intolerant. I am not making fun but it is funny how we ( everyone ) see something on the internet and quickly decide whether or not we are going to follow the crowd. I wish I could say I was one of the people who always goes against the flow but hey I am human and I sure do love a good vegan smoothie every now and then. Ok but jokes aside one of my 2018 goals is to not go against the flow of others just to prove a point or whatever but I actually want to go against the flow of my flesh, my human nature. That sounds impossible right, thats cause it it but with the help of a love force bigger than myself I know that I can do all things through Jesus Christ who is true love, power, authority, truth, grace and wonder all wrapped up into one.

I want to take the word minimalism as a starting base to challenge myself to start at the beginning again. I want to go back to the basics. In my home and in my personal life. Why don’t you come on that journey with me this year and we can unpack some of life challenges, victories, disappointments, triumphs etc…. together.


If you are wanting to de clutter your home by doing a spring clean, If it makes you cringe or evokes any type of negative feeling when you look at it, it should go immediately. If it doesn’t bring about a feeling of joy or other positive emotion, toss it. As you build your home it will be more important to you the things that go in it. Aint nobody got time to clutter. All it does its create a distraction from what really is important.

I am going to be as so bold as to take that same principle for your home into your personal life. If there are things, people, situations in your life that evoke any type of negative feeling you should let it go immediately, if that person or situation does not bring about a feeling of joy or positive emotion, TOSS IT!


There are always times when you have to do something you may not necessarily want to do, but if doing something causes you to violate your values or consistently makes you sad, angry, or frustrated, find a way to eliminate it. Sometimes it’s easier to start by focusing on what you can remove. So when it comes to your home de cluttering, start room by room looking at things that you know you can do without then the more you de clutter you might actually start to appreciate the things you do have.

Same goes with your life. If you have too many people in your life that you think are friends but still go home everyday feeling lonely maybe it is because you are not actually valuing anyone truly for who they are. A declutter of people in your life sounds harsh but you are actually making a contious decision to value the people in your life properly rather than having a constant flow of people in your life who really don’t know you and you really don’t know them.  Stop worrying about how many friends you have and just appreciate the ones that you do have. If they don’t add meaningful value to your life (and more importantly you don’t add meaningful value to theirs) then it’s not a relationship worth having.


Ever been in a convo with someone and you ask them how they have been and their answer is ” Ive been BUSY ” I know I have given that answer many times and I am not proud of it. Something is out of balance if your sense of value is based on how many appointments and activities you can pack into a 24-hour period. Busyness keeps you from slowing down and savoring all of the wonderful moments that make life worth living, being too busy is a result of not being intentional with your time.

Your home should be a place of peace and tranquility, Don’t bring your work home. Me and My husband really try our best not to do this and it just makes our home environment be the one we want to create to the one that our crappy day at work wants us to have. Just as your home should be a place you want to be, the atmosphere you create around yourself needs to be one that is approachable and if you look busy ALL THE TIME well then you can’t really complain that you have no friends or are not happy. If you can make time to work or do errands then lets make time for people, Lets rather be busy building relationships rather than tasks.

In conclusion  a simple way to practice these rules is:

don’t do anything,

own anything,

be anywhere or around anyone that you don’t love.

If it makes you feel bad (or doesn’t make you feel good) it has no place in your mind or life.

Quote found on Pinterest.

Be minimalistic with your human nature and feed your spirit because your soul only wants the best for your future but your flesh only wants what is best for you right now.


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