Unaware celebrations

Ok, so if that is the case then why do so many people do exactly that around Christmas time?  If someone had to stop you in the street to ask you what does Christmas mean for you what would your answer be? I think my biggest question this season as I have been watching the queues in woolworths get longer by the minute is do people truly know what they are preparing for, or is it just another holiday time  where they can be with family and friends, eat alot and nap after, watch christmas movies and then proceed to eat more. Now being with friends and family eating and being merry really is amazing and I definitely think that it is important element to Christmas but if you leave out the main reason for this season then you are just having a lovely family dinner.

All I want to do in this post is to really make you think. The why behind what we do is so important and if I have learnt anything this year it would be that…. is what I am doing, saying and being, for a greater purpose? yeah ok that may sound deep but I guess you couldn’t really expect anything different from me hahaha ( deep….thats just where I go )

In a few sentences time I am going to explain to you the reason I celebrate this season but right now I want to put a challenge out there. What about making your 2018 one that is full of intentional action instead of unaware celebrations? What I mean by that is, when it comes to holiday time like Easter, Christmas and any other significant time for you, why not instead of just spending your money aimlessly on food and taking a few days of holiday, try to remember why it is that you are doing what you are doing, its just a thought. Also why dont you allow your 2018 to be one where you pursue purpose, amibition and a genuine love for others. That is definitely my challenge for next year and it would be cool know what it is that you guys want to acomplish next year, let me know in the comments section and lets chat about it.

So I said I was going to let you in on why I celebrate the festive season and the oh so special day the 25th December. Its pretty simple really, the reason me and my family celebrate Christmas is to remember that Jesus was born. Jesus being the saviour of the world, Jesus being the one that came to earth to die for our sins so that we might have eternal life with him, Jesus the one who lived a sinless life and gave us the greatest example to live by…. THAT Jesus! He is the reason for this season and in honour of his birth Christians all over the world celebrate his life and the fact that we would not be able to have hope if it was not for his saving grace. This does not mean that others can not celebrate with, yes its a party and everyone is invited but just as long as you know that the reason for this party is not the friends, family and food, believe it or not its not even about the gifts but the reason you are invited to the party is to celebrate Gods gift to us JESUS, the one that was and is to come.

Images by Tim Taylor and Hillsong Church Photography team

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