Christmas at the Kolbes

So it’s that time of the year again when we start thinking about all things Christmas, family time, gifts, Christmas music, food, food and more food. I love Christmas time and I wanted to give you all just a taster into what Christmas at the Kolbes really looks like year in and year out. Ok so if I can be honest for the past couple of years I have been terrible at the whole getting into the Christmas spirit haha mostly because Growing up Christmas time was never really about the gifts or decorations. It was simply about us as a family remembering the birth of Jesus. Now don’t get me wrong we still had amazing Christmas memories filled with fun, laughter, a gift or two and trust me, LOTS of food but I guess all those things were never the focus for us but really just the cherry on top for what it all means for us.

I think we can view Christmas in a view different ways. You can either get super religious about it and decide to have no part in it because If it is really about celebrating Jesus birthday then why fuss about all the gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, having family time, dancing in the lounge to your favourite Christmas jingle. I mean after all none of those those things matter right in comparison to the birth of Jesus, the saviour of the world. OR This is the way I see it….. Yes Christmas time is about just that, Jesus and even though nobody truly knows the exact day he was born, the 25th of Dec has become a day to remember and celebrate his birth so if you have that has your reason for why you celebrate then shouldn’t you do just that CELEBRATE! I doubt Jesus would want us to just let the day go by with out having a bit of fun. That is why I personally love this season, its because I get to celebrate, have a good time and be merry, you know all those cliche things because I believe that even though gifts and holidays are not the reason for the season it is a great way to remember the reason why we are all on this earth to begin with. Jesus came to give life and life in abundance. wouldn’t it be a shame if we got all up in our heads about Christmas and made it about ourselves.

Maybe you grew up not really even knowing what Christmas is all about and you know thats fine too. For those who choose to make Christmas about the gifts, the tree, family and food, music and holiday time thats fine because there is nothing wrong with any of those things. in-fact I think that it is pretty cool that the whole world takes a month or two to be happy, think positive thoughts, reflect on others and be with family. Even if somehow the true meaning gets lost in translation along the way I am a strong believer that Jesus looks at earth with a smile on his face when he sees us HIS CHILDREN having fun and loving others. The world needs more of that all year round and not just at Christmas time.

With all that being said the next couple of blog posts I am going to share with you a few things that I love about Christmas, gift ideas for others, music I love listening to and all that jazz. I hope that you enjoy it. I know it is something a little different to what I usually write about but I can’t always be deep you know haha sometimes I just want to be grateful and have a jolly good merry old time. hahahaha

Imgaes by: Paige Wood photography and Unsplash

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