and so the adventure begins

On the 14 November I turned the big three OH! I have never been this happy to turn a certain age before. I am not sure if it is because it is the Farwell to my twenties which were great and all but lets be real they were not the easiest. So there was something about venturing into a new age bracket that made me feel excited for new adventures and new challenges.
Yip Challenges, I am well aware that with new age comes new things to tackle but I am hoping that the lessons I learnt in my twenties have prepared me for my thirties. I guess we will soon find out and you will be sure to know as I unfold my life adventures in new blog posts.
I wanted to celebrate my birthday but I also hate the stress of not knowing who to invite. I never want to exclude people but I also wanted it to be people that I do everyday life with and people who have been on the journey with me. Of cause some people could not make it but that’s life hey, despite that the people that were there made my night so amazing and I really was overwhelmed by the love my friends have for me. So thank you to all of you.


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  1. Lalannie says:

    Looks like a great celebration.
    Happy belated birthday!!
    Praying that the next 365 days will be more than you ever imagined!

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