9 things you realize by the time you turn 30 part 2

4: Its ok not to have your whole life planned out.

when I was in my early twenties I was very ambitious and I had my whole life planned out from where I would live, what career I would have to who my friends will be FOREVER to when I would be married and have kids. As I got to about 27 I had what you call a quarter  life crisis ( is that even a thing haha, well it is now ) I looked back at my life and realized I had not really done any of the things I wanted to do besides get married. I remember feeling so down and disappointed with myself.

Now I feel the opposite. I have realized that there is so much more to life than where we live, what our job is etc…. also the fact that I am going to be 30 and do not have my life all together is completely normal. So if you are feeling unaccomplished or un organized with your life, give yourself a break, breathe, it’s going to be ok and everything will work out the way its meant to.

5: You need to dream bigger.

Once I realized that is was ok for me not to have it all together I also realized that I needed to dream bigger. I needed to keep having vision for my life. It can be hard when dream after dream seems to get crushed, or disappointments come and people let you down or reject you. It makes dreaming something for your future seam like something a bit far fetched but it is actually necessary. Turning 30 is a big deal 1: because you have never been this old before ( just stating the obvious ) 2: you are getting older and its a pretty big deal so honor this time as well.

I came to figure out that yes it may be ok to not have life all sorted out but I do need to know that my decision have consiquences and vegging on the couch not dreaming for my future is not going to help anyone and it certainly is not going to take my life forward.


6: quality is more valuable than quantity. 

I guess I could say this about most things in life but in this case I am talking about friends. the older you get you realize it is more important to have a few close friends that you know you can be your true self with and trust, rather than having a large group of friends but not really sure where you stand with anyone. I know for myself and for many I have chatted with that the friendship journey can be really hard but I have really had a lot of time to think about things and have just realized that life is too short for fake but at the same time being mean or catty towards someone for no reason is just silly. lets all just love each other with a God kind of love. It doesn’t mean we have to be best friends with everyone but being nice, kind and genuine goes a long way.


Tomorrow will be the final 3 things I have realized and I hope you come by again to check them out.

What did you think of these 3 can you relate?

image by Justin Govender

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  1. Tanith says:

    All these points are so good! It’s definitely worth examining our hearts in these areas and keeping track – no matter our age. Look forward to reading the next post!!! X

  2. Sim Cele says:

    i’m not 30 yet but i can relate to every point including the 27 year quarter life crisis-lol. I hope you have a supreme week celebrating all that God has done and through you! much love

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