9 things you realize by the time you turn 30 part 1

So here we are a milestone in ones life. I understand that having a birthday for some people is not a big deal and that is ok I guess ( no judgment here ) hahaha. If you do not like celebrating and having fun then you have come to the wrong place ha. I promised you all 9 things that you realize by the time you turn 30 but let me just put a disclaimer out there, these are the things that I have realized, so it is personal to me and maybe you are 25 and you have already realized these things. Thats amazing for you yay!!!

Maybe you can relate maybe you can’t but let me know in the comments section what your thoughts are on the first 3. Ok here it goes……



1. 30 isn’t old so don’t panic:

When you are in your twenties the thought of being in your thirties sounds terrible and old haha. well at least it was for me. Until the day I turned 28 and realized 30 is around the corner, yet I feel so young still. Well news flash Tami it’s because 30 is still young and there is nothing to be afraid of. Lol I sound so dramatic but lets be honest we have all been there.


2. You are not as young anymore ( it’s ok that staying up till 3am isn’t your vibe anymore )

I just said 30 isn’t old and now I am saying the oppisite ha. Well Lets not be in denial here. You are not in your twenties anymore and lets be real sitting at home eating junk food, watching series and going to bed at 10 on a Friday night sounds like a dream!!!


3. FOMO is a real thing but you just don’t care anymore:

As you get older you just realize that not being everywhere all the time isn’t going to kill your social life. infact being out with big crowds of people all the time just isn’t as exiting as it was when you were 21.


Stay tuned tomorrow for 3 more things…..

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