Even when it hurts

Even when it hurts is basically saying that even though I am weak I know my God is strong and even though I face things in life, the pain won’t stop me from doing what I know I should. I wish that I could say to you that I have not given up when it hurts too much but sadly I have. We can deal with pain, rejection, loss, hate, insecurity ( the list could go on and on ) in many different ways. Everyone is different and I want to be as bold as to say that nobody is wrong when they deal with what they deal with the way they do. All I do know is that there is my way and there is Gods way.


So no matter what we face in life we always have a choice. If I feel like I am facing rejection, If I can be honest with you my default coping behavior will be to shut down and pretend I do not really care. I am not sure if I am the only one who thinks this way but because I love Jesus and I want to please him, I think to myself that feeling rejection is not from him so I just need to pretend its not there and then the next time someone hurts me I will be stronger because I put another brick on my wall. I mean if I keep people at an arm’s length then how much can they really hurt me right?

Oh wouldn’t it be nice if it was just that simple and yes it could work for you for a while but trust me if you keep building the wall around you not only will you prevent the people that need to come near but when the wall gets too high and it falls down trust me it’s going to hurt when it falls on top of you. Basically what I am trying to say is we need to deal with our stuff as they come and not push them aside. One way or another we will need to deal with it, its just a matter of time.


I love God because he is a gentleman, He never forces us to do anything But he is very clear about one thing and that is that he loves us and wants the best for us. I know that sounds so cliché and I am guessing that if you are a Christian you have heard that before at one point or another. I think that when it rings true to you because of what you have been through in life, you cling to that statement as if it were your only lifeline.  You see even when it hurts God has never left you and even when it hurts it doesn’t mean give up but it also does not mean that you cant feel the pain it just means DEAL with the pain by feeling the pain.

It means through the pain you will carry on, it means yes you are weak but God is strong for you, it means he is growing you, teaching you and loving you through it all. I don’t know what it is that you have been through this year, I do not know who has hurt you, who has lied to you, who has betrayed you. All I do know is that when I try to deal with the pain in my way, it is so much worse than if I just listened to the still small voice from the beginning. I would encourage you to try to do the same. I wish I had a clear answer for you like THIS IS HOW YOU DEAL WITH PAIN but I’m just a young woman trying to figure out life like you, I know it is hard and I know life is not black and white but man is God faithful through it all! If we would just master how to carry on even when it hurts I feel that not only will we be stronger people but we can help others when they are facing a challenge.


Even when it hurts:


1: Be kind to everyone.

2: Stay the path and keep on going

3: love yourself when you fail

4: don’t build walls around your heart instead guard your heart.

5: love people the way you know God loves you.


Images by: Justin Govender

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  1. Lucy Nxitywa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart!! Been incredible having someone put into words some of what I have been feeling this year!! You have given me so much hope, that even after giving up I can still get back up!!
    Love you

    1. admin says: Author

      It makes my heart so warm to know that Luc. You are amazing and God only has the best for you. keep shining my girl and never give up! You are stronger than you know.

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