Living with conviction

Living with conviction can be a lonely road. Conviction is a personal belief that won’t change even if somebody is trying to convince you otherwise. That can no doubt be hard especially in today’s  culture where everyones ideas and opinions need to be taken into consideration, it almost puts conviction to the side because nobody wants to hurt anyones feelings.

For instance I am a Christian and I go to church every Sunday. My conviction is that I believe that building Gods house is important and that I have experienced Gods love in a way I could never have imagined so I want to spend my life serving others in hope that they might enconter the same love. That is my personal conviction, now it doesnt mean I get super religious about it and if I miss a Sunday for some important reason it means I am bad person but what it does mean for me is that If other Friends ask to do something on a Sunday I will say I can’t because Building Gods house comes first. Now thats just one example and it probably looks different for everyone and thats ok.

I have been thinking about this word and what it means alot lately purely because as you get older and have to make decisions that could shape your future, living with no convictions can make life a little more messy than it already is by nature. You see Life has a way of throwing curve balls that make us decide things out of our fleshly nature.


1. For instance you are young still at school, someone offers you drugs or alcohol at a party and at first you say no because you know you don’t want to but because you have not built certain convictions in your life you give into the pressure because either you want to fit in or you don’t want to get on anyones bad side.


2. What about if you are at work/varsity and gossip is rife, everyone talks about everyone then they ask you what you think and because you have not built in a conviction that you don’t gossip, you just give into the lunch time banter and talk behind someones back.


3. You are on social media scrolling through your insta feed and all you see are what you should wear or shouldn’t wear, who you should hang out with or who you shouldn’t, whats the world s view on Beauty or popularity and the list goes on and on…… if you do not have strong convictions about what you believe or who you believe you are then social media becomes a toxic disease that will eat your identity up.

The reason I say any of this stuff is not because I think I have it all figured out, absolutely not! I always think to myself that if I am going through something then surely I am not the only one and that by sharing this then you can see that you are not alone. Its normal that you feel pressure from the world and people around you from all angles, its ok that sometime you would rather sleep in than go to church on a Sunday ( we are all human it happens ) and you are not the only one comparing yourself on social media, I have been there and I know it doesnt work or make my life better.

I usually give a few points on how to deal with something or over come that issue but today I want to do something different, I want to ask you what are your convictions in life? Write them down and try live by them. If you do not have any then maybe think about it and write down what it is you think they should be. We are all on a journey and as we mature the things in life we get faced with don’t through us as much because we know what it is we believe, what we stand for and use those as weapons to destroy the arrows of life.

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