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As you all know I love doing interviews with people who inspire me. Every interview I have done I have been pleasantly surprised by how amazing and down to earth everyone has been. Its quite something to put yourself out there and just answer questions about yourself. When I discovered the next two lovely ladies, it was no different. We connected on social media and I just knew that this dynamic duo was one that the world needs to know about. @brenandpip are fashion bloggers from Florida and its no secret that they have impeccable fashion sense but its more than just fashion to them and thats what I love.

Take some time out this weekend to get to know them more, I just know that you will love them as much as I do.

1: How did you first get into blogging?

Starting a blog was something we had mulled over for years. We love sharing what we are passionate about with others. Over time it became a decision that made sense, so we just dove headfirst into it. We were in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue one day and simply starting taking a few fashion photos and it slowly grew from there.

2: How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

It can definitely get a bit overwhelming. It’s constantly evolving every day, but it helps as a team to sit down and assign tasks that we both have to complete. This is when being a twin team is a great asset! We also try to plan ahead with envisioning the location, poses, and outfits we want to use for a shoot.

3: How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

We would love to start networking and interacting more outside of Instagram, in a real-world environment. We both have social anxiety, so it will be a challenge, but something we both want to tackle. It is important to meet people and attend events in order to grow our brand so that is something we wish to venture into.

4: Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

Our older sister is a professional photographer. She’s been taking photos of us since we were kids, doing our makeup and then having photo shoots for us. Her encouragement towards our love for fashion pushed us to consider blogging seriously. Without those countless photo shoots growing up, we might never have started our Instagram and website.

5: Where would you like to be with Bren and Pip Blog five years from now?

We have only actually started blogging about five months ago, so we definitely have a lot to learn and grow, but that is exciting to us.  We would love to become full-time fashion bloggers if possible. Turning our passion into a career is our goal.

6: Who do you think are the next up and coming fashion/ lifestyle bloggers that we should look out for?

There are countless bloggers that we admire. The one that stands out the most to us would be Andreea Birsan. Her blog Couturezilla is truly inspiring. Her impeccable sense of style and daring looks keep us striving to perfect our own brand.

7: What do you think the future of blogging is?

Blogging is much like an art form. There is true beauty and strength in styling an outfit, photographing it and then sharing it for others to see. It is more than just social media platform or a blog, which are merely the bones. The real heart is in the dedication and passion behind it, used as a way to empower others and to express oneself. With that in mind, we see blogging becoming an important part of culture as a whole.

8: How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

Our style always seems to be changing. We are drawn to unique pieces, so our style is a bit quirky, romantic, and edgy. We follow trends, but we try to do something a little different, classic yet daring.

9: Why do you do what you do? ( what motivates you to keep going? )

We do this as a way to express ourselves and possibly inspire others to try something new with their own style. Fashion has always been a way to boost our confidence. It is an extension of both of us.  So we are motivated by this drive to express what is important to us…fashion. We also motivate each other. Nothing makes us more proud than that fact that we are twins. If one of us gets discouraged, the other is always there for support and a much-needed boost of inspiration.

10: In a world where insecurity, comparison, and judgmental comments are made on social media etc… how do you tackle those issues? What would be your advice to the everyday girl who is battling with this type of thing?

Luckily, we have had nothing but positive experiences so far with social media and blogging. But not everyone is so fortunate. We take things to heart, neither of us have thick skin, so we know how unhealthy such negativity can be. Our advice is to never let someone intimidate you into not being yourself. Do what feels right for you. Even if it seems cliché, it is important to just embrace your difference because that is what makes you unique.


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