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Would you say that you are content with your life? Are you happy with where you are, what your job is, who your friends are, is the relationship you are in making you happy? I find that these are just some of the questions a lot of us ask ourselves these days. We are always faced with what we have now vs what we wish we had.

This may come as a surprise to some but Seeking wealth and power might not be the ultimate goal of happiness. In fact, sometimes it may bring you more problems and more stress. Sometimes having more than you need just feeds that desire to continue wanting more in life. It starts off just as materialistic items but in time it becomes a state of mind and soon enough you find yourself in a place where not even the people around you make you happy.

You wish you had more friends or better ones maybe, what about your spouse, you have created a fake ideal of what a perfect life would be if you just had a little more than you currently have. Before you know it all the friends in the world, all the shoes, cars, houses could not satisfy the need you have in your life. It kind of feels like a whole that needs to be filled.

In this day and age, it is not really that hard to become famous or successful and we have Social media to thank for that, but is that really what you are after. If you dig a little deeper I think you might find that it doesn’t matter what house, car or clothes you have. If you don’t have eternal contentment I’m guessing that we will be searching forever.


A few ways that I have learned to be content with what I have and truly love my life.


1: Stop being so selfish

Sometimes I can be selfish and think of my needs, what I can get out of a situation etc… That is sadly human nature. I believe we do not have to live that way. Yes, it might be a struggle on a daily basis but I believe that I was put on this earth to live for something much great than myself. When I think about that then my needs don’t seem as important. If I think about lives that I can change then I am more likely to be ok with not getting what I want right now. It doesn’t mean I won’t get nice things but maybe sometimes somebody else needs something more than you.


2: Stay in your lane

Stop looking around to see what others have, what others are wearing to the point where you are undermining your life or the people in it. Your life is such a gift and even more so are the people that have been placed there to make your life richer. The problem with comparing your life with others is that you neglect the loved ones you already have.

If I can tell you one important thing in this post is to treasure your family and friends. It is not about a number of friends you have but the quality of life. It isn’t about having a spouse that ticks all the boxes but it is about him or her loving you with all they have. If you don’t have love you have nothing.


3: Learn to love yourself

By this, I don’t mean living selfishly. You can love yourself and still give and live a humble and satisfying life. Take yourself out for coffee, have alone time where you can spend time with God as well as reflecting on your life. Learning to value yourself is a critical part of living a content life. If you do not value or love yourself it will be hard to love others, forgive others, reach out to others and ultimately live your best life. God created you in his image and he is perfect which means you are pretty amazing if you ask me.


Contentment is an attitude that says I am satisfied with what God has given me. Contentment is found when you stop looking for it. Contentment Lies in the hands of God the author and perfector of our story.


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