The Leather Jacket

I think it is common Knowledge or at least I think it is, that having a leather jacket in your wardrobe is a must. So why am I putting such an obvious piece in my winter must have wardrobe?  What I have found that maybe not everyone takes into account is that you need a different jacket for summer and for winter as well as different styles of dress. If this is, however, your first leather jacket purchase I think that there are a few things you might want to take into consideration before spoiling yourself.

1: It does take time to find the perfect jacket so be patient, whether you are buying real leather or not the purchase is not cheap so take your time in deciding what fits your body best.

2: Go simple at first. Your first leather jacket needs to be timeless, with no extra padding or studs. I would suggest also staying away from too many zips.

3: Winter jacket, Don’t get one that is too tight so that you can layer whereas in summer a light weight leather jacket is perfect to dress your outfit up or down.


Here is how I have chosen to wear my Jacket this winter accompanied by this amazing cozy knit by Witchery, my Winter must have ankle boots from Zara and this classic black Aline pleated skirt that I got as a gift from a friend.

Navy Knit: Witchery

Leather Jacket: Edgars

Boots: Zara

Skirt: Second hand

Photos by: Jessica Combrink

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