The hustle

for anyone who wants to be successful or achieve anything of some significance, there is a motto that most people live by or strongly believe in. ” if you want to get it done you got to hustle ” or as many Instagram quotes go …..

ca4bb13d0cb207b299c14bad93885fb6 bed83c3453811b3063c365e71bb06099 63d2ae718d40b9c867cf05f3bffb3646 I wouldn’t say any of those are bad or even wrong to say but as of recently I got this revelation of the difference between Hustle and Hard work. By no means is what I am saying the only way, this is just my take on it and you can choose to agree or not. I would actually love to know what you think as well so drop me some of your feed back in the comments section.

I think it is a human condition to want to always be in the mix of things, after all thats how FOMO ( fear of missing out ) came into play haha to my understanding hustle comes from the root of not wanting to miss out on anything, for instance if you are a blogger like me or in an industry where connecting with people is pretty vital you could get caught up in feeling the need to go to every event that is held or being afraid of missing out on collaborations with brand etc… Please don’t read this the wrong way, I have nothing against events or doing collabs with brands in fact I know that it is important but I guess it is about the heart behind why you are doing it. When I first started blogging about 3 years ago I would feel like I am on the out skirts of the hustle and bustle of the  “BLOGGING WORLD” there would constantly be events or bloggers sharing what brands had sent them through the post, of cause jealousy would creep in and inadequacy would seep into my thoughts.

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What was I not doing that made me not be as successful? ( that was how I determained success ) It was only until about a year ago that I realized that I was set apart to carry my own voice, carry my own confidence and not to be looking at everyone else and comparing myself to other creatives. That is when I had the realization of working hard regardless of wether people even see it or not. You see when you have a passion for something you will feel motivated to work hard but it won’t be driven by wether others are commending you or not. It is about setting a standard for yourself and getting to know yourself as a blogger or what ever profession you are in.

I had to come to the realisation that at the end of the day my hard work will speak for itself and eventually not only will People see what I am doing but THE RIGHT PEOPLE will see and they will be the ones that catch onto to the vision of where I see my brand going. After all isn’t that more Important, getting people to believe in what it is you have to bring and not just because they see you in magazines or on social media. I hope that what ever it is that you have your heart set on doing in life, that it is motivated not by the hustle to get as much done as everyone else, just so you can look like you are on par with everyone but that you focus on running your own race, stay the path and work hard at what it is you want people to learn through you.

Ask yourself:

Do you want BIG RESULTS that last a moment?


Do you want to have Something lasting that creates a ripple effect and in turn inspires other to do the same in their lives?

Not all the time but sometimes hustle only allows us to focus on the next big thing and then creates this cycle to now keep it up. Where as hard work may take you longer to get there but when you do reach your goal it has become apart of your journey and the results last because you have worked hard to keep a standard of exellence.

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Fast forward to a year later, I now find myself in a place of rest in what I am doing. The hard work is paying off and I didn’t need to hustle to get there. By no means am I saying I have made it ( OH HECK NO ) I have only just begun, but I can say I have come a long way and I can say I have done it with integrity and hard work. God has opened doors for me to work with amazing brands, I have met incredible people on this journey and I could not have gotten to where I am today without them. Nothing we do in life that holds value can be done on our own, we need eachother and we need God.

I leave you with this:


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  1. Le'Chelle says:

    This was such a great post! Such truth but also so much love! Thank you! I needed this! I compare myself to almost everyone, so this is a great reminder to believe in my calling!

    You’re doing such a wonderful job Tam! x

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