Putting yourself down

Over the past few weeks I have been chatting to you about things that you need to Quit in 2017. It honestly has to have been the hardest blog posts to write as all those things have been apart of my life some way or another either in how I act or think. Let me just put it out there that it is a journey and even though I have overcome a lot, it is still a daily battle sometimes to get my life back on track.
But by the grace of God I know I can go to him in my times of sorrow or when I feel I am struggling with something in my life.


The last thing I want to share with you in this series is to QUIT PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN.
This is a biggy,  its something that I still struggle with to be very honest and that is why it has been so hard to write this post because I thought what can I say about this topic if I still struggle with it? But God placed it on my heart for a reason and I have some insight as to what effects putting your self down has on your life.

1: you always feel you have something to prove.

when you are so hard on yourself you can get lost in other peoples opinion of you. Suddenly when ever somebody around give you negative feed back, if you are anything like me you might take that thing to heart and and can wound you more than people realize.

you find yourself trying to accommodate that persons needs because of what they have told you about where you need to improve in life or a specific thing. It isn’t bad to have people in your life that are helping you become better but at the end of the day if it is’nt building you up then I think it’s better to stay silent.

I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception. Its a harsh reality but we are not responsible for other peoples opinions of us. You have nothing to prove to anyone. If you know in your heart you are pleasing God and giving your best, it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you.


2: you always stay in your own head

when you put yourself down all the time you can find yourself getting lost in your problems. You become inward focused. This is a hard thing to admit but it’s sadly true. When all you are doing is feeling sorry for yourself your perspective and judgment gets cloudy and you cant see further than your own mistakes.

it is really important to keep ourselves aware of what is happening around us. When we take the time to hear other peoples stories and struggles, we realize that we are not alone and our perspective starts to expand. I also think that when you know who you are it is easier to let the opinions of others slide like water off a ducks back.

How many of you know that we are constantly changing, the world is changing and people around us change all the time. Life is not consistent, with that being said it is even more so important cling to the one who is constant (for me  that is Jesus ) I do not always get it right but that is ok. As long as I know that when life disappoints I can run to God.


If you only get one thing out of this whole series let it be this. You are not alone, even though you might feel like you are the only one facing these things you definitely are not. Just step out of yourself for a bit and chat to others around you, you might just realize that you can be an inspiration to someone else.


1: Quit trying to please everyone

2: Quit fearing change

3: Quit living in the past


Tier Tent Dress: Jota-Kena

Photography: Chanelle Sanjit

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