Transform your wardrobe

Seasons come and seasons go but let’s be real sometimes our wardrobe stays the same two or three seasons in a row. It certainly was like that for me for a long time, until I realised that there are others ways to transform my wardrobe without having to spend loads of money every time.

With fashion and trends constantly changing, it is pretty hard to keep up with whats in and whats not but most importantly reality kicks in and you realize your eyes are bigger than your wallet. So what is the solution? Well I had always heard about clothes swaps, you know that thing where girls get together and bring their clothes they don’t wear anymore and then they swap items with one another.

I always wanted to try it because I was so curious to see if it works, so when I got invited to one recently I had to try it.  My conclusion is that it really does work and here are a few reasons I think having a clothes swap will help you transform your wardrobe.



1: It saves you money

Who doesn’t want to save money? With a clothes swap you are getting ” brand new clothes ” without spending a cent. what someone once loved can be your new gift.

2: You develop unique style

When you clothes swap with another person it is possible that you are getting something that was from a season or 2 ago, instead of thinking that it isn’t on trend or its not in anymore, think outside the box when it comes to style. You are basically trading your Jeans for e.g. for a pullover jersey that isn’t for sale anymore so now you have earned a one off piece that not many people have. I think that is pretty great.



3: You get a brand new wardrobe

I don’t think any girl turns away a brand new wardrobe. when I went to the clothes swap recently I got about 8 new items of clothing without having to spend any money.

4: You are blessing someone else with a brand new wardrobe

What is better than receiving? I think that is giving. Not only were we giving each other clothing, all the clothing that was left over that ┬ánobody took, we sent that to our church community group so that they could bless ladies who are less fortunate than us. For me that was the cherry on the cake and I probably would have done that even if I didn’t get anything out of it. So why don’t you get some of your girlfriends together and have your own clothes swap every few months? It is a great way to hangout maybe even meet some new people. If you wanted to you could also decide to give back to the community and at the end of the day you have new clothes and you didn’t need to get broke doing it.


photos by Christene De Coning

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