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Last week we got to hang at our favorite coffee spot in Town The Power and the glory with Jessica Anne Mole Creator and founder of Jessica Anne  who by the end of the hour became one of our favorite people for sure. Her kind and gentle spirit is so inspiring. We chatted about her journey, career and the heart she has for fashion and helping people.

so why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and relax while you get to know Jessica a bit better.


Taylored Heart: can you tell us a bit about your journey from being a teacher for many years to being a fashion designer/blogger/stylist?

Jessica: When I was younger I always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, Would sketch in this little not book. I was young so you can imagine what they looked like haha its actually so funny, i should try find them again and blog about it 🙂

But when I grew up I stopped drawing for a while and didn’t know what to do so I became a teacher and I really loved it. There is something so special about giving back.

Then I got married at the end of Last year, when we were dating it was super chilled when he would travel a lot, I would definitely still miss him but when we got married it got harder because you naturally want to spend all your time together so in the beginning of us being married it was hard when he would travel so we decided together that I should start something of my own that also allowed me to travel with him.

Taylored Heart: How did you start Jessica Anne ? Was it easy?

Jessica: I met with my friend Amy who is the designer and founder the brand Jane Sews, she was really amazing in my journey and helped me alot, she put me in contact with alot of people. I reached out to friends and people I knew who knew more than me to help move me forward.

I just started planning things in my mind and just wrote every single Idea I had down. I watched to s of youtube videos and just took the time to learn all I could about the industry and also it is very important to get people alongside you who understand your vision.

Taylored Heart: what have been your challenges in this journey and how did you overcome them?

Jessica: In the beginning I felt I got discouraged a lot, either I felt too overwhelmed or I didn’t feel I was reaching the goals I set for myself or I would compare myself to other designers. I think it is just really important to remember the reason you started, I would just ask myself the question why am I doing what I am doing but also I needed to surround myself with people who inspire me. Having people around me that challenge me has helped me too.

I mean it is a challenge, I don’t have all the answers but I think the lesson in that is to never stop learning.

Taylored Heart: You have started to personal styling, Can you tell us more about that?

Jessica: The reason I wanted to start that is because I met a lot of girl who said to me they felt they have lost their sense of style, they did not feel beautiful about themselves. As well as the more mature generation, young moms or moms with older kids. I have just noticed that some ladies get a bit lost with what they are wearing. People hold onto trends that they really shouldn’t haha.

I am just passionate about helping ladies with that and I feel I have something to offer through my own designs. I wants women to feel good about their bodies and about what they are wearing.

Taylored Heart: What are your future goals for Jessica Anne?

Jessica: I love that question because I think it is really good to dream big. I would love to open up my own shop and create a global awareness for my brand. Giving back through my brand is also a major focus of mine. So every time somebody buys a garment a percentage will go to a charity.

To read more about Jessica’s Styling expertise click here and you can make your own appointment with here. 


We played the “Would You Rather Game” with Jess just to end it off on a fun note

Taylored Heart: Insta stories or Snapchat?

Jess: Insta Stories

Taylored Heart: Gym or Chocolate and series?

Jess:  chocolate and series.

Taylored heart: have your own clothing line or beauty products line?

Jess: Clothing Line Definitely

Taylored Heart: Country or city?

Jess: Maybe when I’m 40 I would say country but right now I would say city.

Taylored Heart: New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week?

Jess: NYFW

Taylored Heart: Selfie stick or no selfie stick

Jess: No selfie stick

Taylored Heart: Samsung or iphone?

Jess: iphone

Taylored Heart: Country or City?

Jess: City





From Jessica herself

I’ve been dying to show you what I’ve been working on so I decided to post a little sneak peek of my collection that’s coming soon.

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Floral Crop: Jessica Anne
Denim Skirt: Zara
Heels: Forever 21
Model: Megan Pettitt
Photography and Styling: Jessica Anne


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