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Taylored Heart: How did you start your blog and how long did it take you to get to where you are today?

Taylored heart: We really believe that remembering the WHY behind what you start keeps you going in the tough times. So why did you start blogging and why have you kept going when it got tough?

Zanita: I feel like I have built a great audience and I really do not want to let anyone down and my motivation is that I want to keep communicating. I think it is a combination of a lot of things but the thing that motivates me the most now is probably the same thing that motivates you girls too; I want to share a message. I have a passion and have learnt a lot of lessons along the way and want to share those lessons, because every time I do I get a comment from someone saying thanks for talking about this and wow just hearing that from one person feels so so good.

Taylored Heart: In a world where insecurity, comparison and judgemental comments are made on social media etc, how do you tackle those situations? What advice would you give a girl who is battling with this type of issue?

Zanita: I have been very lucky and fortunate to not really have any negative comments come my way. However, if I did start getting those comments I would just choose to rise up. I think that the people who make those type of comments only make them because they aren’t actually getting fulfillment out of their life and they are probably insecure and unhappy. So, essentially the best thing to do would be to just let those comments dissipate and just move on.

Taylored Heart: What up and coming fashion bloggers should people be looking out for – who are owning it?

Zanita: Well she isn’t really that new but I think that Natasha Ndlovu we wrote about it recently, I think she is going to kill it.

We played the “Would You Rather Game” with Zanita just to end it off on a fun note 🙂

Taylored Heart: Insta stories or Snapchat?

Zanita: Insta Stories

Taylored Heart: Gym or Chocolate and series?

Zanita: I want to say Gym haha but more often than not its chocolate and series.

Taylored heart: have your own clothing line or beauty products line?

Zanita:  beauty products 100%

Taylored Heart: Netflix or movie theatre?

Zanita: Movie theatre it’s more special

Taylored Heart: Country or city?

Zanita: Maybe when I’m 40 I would say country but right now I would say city.

Taylored Heart: Selfie stick or no selfie stick

Zanita: No selfie stick

Taylored Heart: Samsung or iphone?

Zanita: iphone


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