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Do you ever look on pinterest and see these amazing walk in closets and think to yourself, how on earth will I ever be able to achieve that? I know I do, so I have decided to take up the challenge of slowly but surely making my closet something I am proud of. I hope that I can help you do the same. All the pictures provided are from Pinterest.


image from: Stylizimo

1. Make sure you have a place for everything

If you are anything like me then you know that without everything in its place slowly but surely your room looks like a bomb hit it. it’s sad to admit but I am not the most tidiest person on the planet so it helps me to know that everything has a place to go. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

2: Great Lighting

Great lighting is a must have in your bedroom and closet. If you can help it definitely try to get a room that has natural lighting.


image from: Stylizimo

3: Display what is necessary 

Separate your closet into seasons as well as what you most wear on a daily basis. Have the things you wear all the time in a place that is easy to see. That way you can actually dress yourself in your mind if that makes sense because you can see what it is that you have.

4: Be proud of your things

Display your favorite purse, shoes, jewellery, etc. You will be proud of your closet space if you make it your own. Place things on display that are of high value or that create a memory of a time you traveled or a gift that someone gave you.

5: Colour code

My closet consists of black, white grey, navy, nude and denim! About 2 years back I decided to clean out all the colour from my wardrobe. Now, this is completely up to you but I have just found I get more wear out of my clothes by not having big bold colour pieces. The reason for this is that I don’t have loads of cash to keep buying clothes. As much as I wish this was a reality in my life, it’s not and I think a lot of ladies can relate. I know that for me personally if I wear the same blue or pink top twice or 3 times I get bored of it but I can wear the same white tee over and over and I won’t get sick of it because I can style it in many different ways. Like I said: You do you – if colour is your thing then that’s awesome. I don’t hate colour, I just prefer not wearing it.

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