Mood swings

I have been so excited to put this post up I could not wait a whole week. It’s getting to that time of the year when I don’t know what the weather is doing and if you live in Cape Town you really don’t know what the weather is going to do. Even more so now though because it is going to be autumn soon ( not sure how I feel about that ) I love winter fashion but not the season, anyone with me ?

This is why I love this outfit so much. It is a bit of Winter and summer all in one. This checked knitted waistcoat style kimono keeps you warm but if you wear it with a plain sleeveless top you still get that summer feeling.

It is comfort and style which are my two favourite things in a outfit.

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Get a look that is similar

Checked Knitted Kimono: Cotton On

Black Skinnies: Woolworths

Boots: Zara

Jewellery : Miglio 

Photographer: Nicolette Kapp

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