Eden Myrrh

I have had the honour and privilege of being a good friend of Eden for 6 years now and it has been so amazing to see this woman flourish. Everything she touches turns to gold. I got to interview her and ask her the questions we all want to know the answers to. I know you are going to just love it. Enjoy and share this will your friends and family, it’s the kind of interview that is going to leave you inspired. 12823491_570756066413061_8942859897782244153_o

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Eden Myrrh! I am a singer-songwriter, aspiring producer from Pietermaritzburg currently living in Cape Town. I am turning 24 on Friday, in my final year of my BCOM Marketing Management Degree and I love Jesus, clothes and dancing a whole lot!


2. What Inspired You To Start Your Career?

Eh! I was going to be and do everything except music. In fact when I was a kid I was like, “Can people stop asking me what I want to be and rather ask me what I want to do? Because I want to do everything!”

In a gap year with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), I clearly felt that God had made me for music and music for me. Even though music was a part of me since I was very young, it has been 6 years since me deciding to be serious about music and I’ve literally focused every single effort in my life towards music – every element of music (business, production, writing, performing…).


3. How would you describe what you do in your own personal way?

I’m a female, passionate about telling stories of hope, faith and love through song. I like to do stuff myself – so I’ve been doing it all myself. I also want to revolutionize the way that women are seen in the industry as well as the way that they present themselves, you know? Less selling of the body and more selling of the message (provided it’s a good one)…


    4. Where do you get your inspiration from to do what you do?

Music is very much an expression of my whole life, and the biggest inspiration for my life – my whole outlook etc., – is Jesus Christ and the relationship I have with him. Other than that, I’m a very passionate person. If I’m committing, I’m committing. There is no plan B for me. If I’ve set my mind to doing something – I’m going to finish it – starting is the best inspiration, because giving up isn’t an option.


5. You are a contestant on The Voice South Africa, congratulations – what has the experience taught you so far?

Thank you so much! The show likes to call everyone taking part “Talent” and not “Contestant” – obviously trying to change the way we’ve been doing these “Talent Shows.” I’ve learnt so much!!!! So so so much! It’s crazy.

More about myself than anything else, I guess. One of the biggest lessons is to be true to oneself ALWAYS! Being involved in something like this, we always feel the need to conform to what we feel that they want from us, but what they wanted from me and every other person was to be the truest form of ourselves. Being true to yourself cuts through the noise, but learning to do that in the clutter that is the industry has been interesting. Never conform! Never give up!




6. When you do make time to be with family and friends, and is it hard to juggle work with your personal life?

Family and family time is extremely important to me – my family helps me keep VERY grounded. HAHA! We pray, play, shout, cry – everything – together. I make time for that and they make sure that I make time for things like cooking and folding washing and mopping and, and… all the things that rehearsal schedules make hard for me to do.

The people I work with have become my closest friends. What a pleasure. I see them nearly everyday.

You know, I’ve learnt to sift out the people who are really important and the people I need to see form the people who aren’t contributing to my life. Doing what I do means doing a whole lot alone and being okay with being alone. I’ve been alone a lot and honestly, most of the time, I’m just fighting to be alone more than I am fighting to see people.


7. How do you market yourself and your business/ career?

Quite unconventionally I’d say. I never, never, never, never go out promoting myself – ever. I am against cold canvasing, purely because I’d rather go the long route and develop a relationship and be asked to work because the person wants to include me. It means being patient and trusting your brand. In today’s world – as a creative, your brand is yourself. My brand is displayed through all of my social media and on the world wide web, I also make an effort to go to networking events and meet people. Then, after I’ve met them, I make sure that I make more of an effort to be interested in them. I never tell them what I do first. People appreciate you more when it seems like they’ve discovered you!


     8. What is your biggest tip for anyone starting a career like yours?

Trust God. Be Patient. Work damn hard. Don’t love your sleep too much.


9. What is the biggest challenge about what you do?

Pride, I guess. Everything else like, being a woman (which is a hard thing to navigate – trust me), sourcing equipment, getting respect etc., is stuff that you just have to work hard to get over.

Pride is such a killer man. It gets in the way of you moving forward, gets in the way of your asking for help, gets offended easily, doesn’t forgive, thinks way too much of oneself, and isolates. You can’t do this thing alone, and there is always the temptation to feel like no one understands you. Don’t trust that feeling. Kill it. Work through the hard relationships and fight for accountability.


10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Education is important to me, and I have another degree that is waiting for me – I want to eventually work towards my MBA, or whatever the future holds. The next five years will hopefully see me writing my book, somehow becoming an expert in social culture, speaking out against Human Trafficking and touring, using my music to touch people’s lives, as well as mentoring and becoming a better producer. I definitely dream of becoming something that South Africa is proud to export!!






Photos by: CT Photography


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