It is always fun to see Glen and Kelly. Now that they are married I got to chat with them about how life is now, juggling their careers and being a newly and happily married couple. I hope you enjoy.


1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

[Kelly and Glen] We are a newly married couple, living in Cape Town. I am a wedding co-ordinator and blogger for Lovely Pretty and Glen is a musician, so we spend a lot of time working from our home office. We are also lucky enough to have the occasional nap, Playstation session and Netflix binge.
2. How would you describe what you do in your own personal way?

[Kelly] I plan and co-ordinate weddings and I also run a blog which features real weddings, proposal stories and lots of helpful wedding tips and inspirational mood boards.
[Glen] I write music, record it, perform it and live it. I try to keep my music real, in who I am and what I go through in life.

3. What inspired you to start you’re your career?

[Kelly] I love to be organised and I enjoy planning things and hosting events, so it was a natural career choice for me. I have a degree in Theology and a certificate in Events Management so I put my love for God and people with my love for planning and somehow I ended up planning and co-ordinating weddings. During that process, Pinterest started becoming pretty big and the wedding industry began to change, so I have enjoyed being part of it.
[Glen] Music has always intrigued me in its ability to affect people incredible ways. I love how powerful it can be. Because I found music interesting in these ways, I started trying to write music and songs. I loved the process of doing that and I started to become more passionate about it! Also watching many a band tour video showed me that this was the type of life I wanted to live!

4. Where do you get your inspiration from to do what you do?

[Kelly] I love to look at creative blogs, fun wedding ideas, pretty decor inspiration and true love stories. The more weddings I am involved in, the more I realise that a wedding is about so much more than decor, so being inspired by love is the ultimate goal.
[Glen] My wife is a huge inspiration to me in my music, and so a lot of my songs are inspired by themes of love and relationship. Also, the experiences I go through in life (what I see, what I hear, where I go, what happens to me) form a large part of my inspiration. Finally, God is the biggest inspiration for what I do. Every thing I write and perform, I try to do it through God’s eyes, with Him in perspective.

5. Do you plan what you do in advance or do you just and how important is that in what you do?

[Kelly] I am big on planning. I have lists, calendars, files and folders, and everything is meticulously planned. I have daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and even a six month plan, all pointing towards my overall goals for my business and personal life. I think that if I couldn’t plan things properly, I probably wouldn’t be able to do what I do.
[Glen] I am not a very good planner! Thankfully Kelly is, so we are complimentary in that way! I generally tend more towards spontaneity. But I am learning to plan more effectively because I know how important setting goals and strategies to achieve those goals is. With me, Kelly and my manager, we are able to plan effectively and move forward.


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6. When you do make time to be with family and friend and is it hard to juggle work with your personal life?

[Kelly and Glen]Making time to be with family is very important to both of us, family really has a huge place of love in our life. The beauty of our freelance lifestyle is that we spend all day with each other. We also get to be a little bit flexible with our work hours so sometimes we have coffee dates with friends during the typical 9-5 work hours. As long as our work gets done, it doesn’t really matter when it’s done. When I’m on top of my lists and admin, I find it easy to juggle my personal life with my work life.

7. How do you market yourself and your business/ career?

[Kelly] I think online word of mouth is a new concept and I’ve benefited from it. My social media pages for Lovely Pretty get a lot of traffic and I get to chat to newly engaged couples who are looking for wedding advice and a co-ordinator. A couple of times a year I’ll take part in a wedding expo and I get to meet hundreds of brides looking for my services.
[Glen] Apart from the traditional forms of media, such as radio and TV, I think a big part marketing myself is through social media. As Kelly said, it is a form of online word of mouth marketing which can be really beneficial. For me a big part of what I want to do is connect with the people who enjoy my music and social media helps me to do so with those people who follow me and my career.

8. What is the biggest challenge about what you do?

[Kelly] Honestly, people think that wedding planners and co-ordinators are luxuries and not necessities. So, my biggest challenge is showing people that if you choose the right co-ordinator, you’ll end up spending less money than you thought and you’ll get a whole lot of discounts with other wedding suppliers.
[Glen] Travelling can be a big challenge because what I do often means I have to be apart from Kelly for a while and that means things start to get a bit lonely. You are also away from your comfort and so you are not fully able to just relax.

9. What is your biggest tip for anyone starting a career like yours?

[Kelly] If you want to be a wedding planner, you have to be organised and I think that’s something you can learn. You also have to know about the wedding industry which is something that can be done by constantly keeping up with wedding trends and styles.
[Glen] Decide if this is genuinely something you want to pursue. If you are serious about it, then go for it. Do not listen to other people’s opinions saying you should not pursue music but rather keep it as a hobby. Commit your whole heart to it and then run with it.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

[Kelly] The goal is to have the Lovely Pretty blog grow exponentially. I’d love for it to be the first place newly engaged couples go for wedding planning tips and inspiration.
[Glen] The goal for me is to be expanding the reach of my music to more than just South Africa. So touring to international destinations is a big one for me. Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-611

Glen has also just released a new Music Video Called On Our Way Check it out It amazing!

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