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Stuck in the mud

Posted on 0 4 m read 71 views

­Life is at a stand still and you have come to a cross roads in your life where you need to decide whether what you are doing in life is worth all the hard work and effort. I do not know if it is just me but this year I found myself at that cross roads more times than I would have liked.  I am …

Living with conviction

Posted on 1 3 m read 62 views

Living with conviction can be a lonely road. Conviction is a personal belief that won’t change even if somebody is trying to convince you otherwise. That can no doubt be hard especially in today’s  culture where everyones ideas and opinions need to be taken into consideration, it almost puts conviction to the side because nobody wants to hurt anyones feelings.

For instance I …

You are a limited edition

Posted on 2 4 m read 138 views

I am not sure if you have ever been in a situation where you are nervous about something. It could be preparing to talk in front of a large group of people ( like an Oral at school, or presentation at varsity etc ) or just one person for that matter. Or in my case singing in front of a lot of people, and you turn to your friend and say “oh my gosh I am so nervous” and they say to you will be fine… “JUST BE YOURSELF “. Now that is a lot easier said than done as I am sure you know, especially when you do not know who you are.