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Five questions you shouldn’t ask

Posted on 2 4 m read 214 views

We often get caught in those awkward conversations with people we may not know that well. Sometimes the default thing we go to is asking random questions. They might be with good intentions but sometimes the very question we ask to try and avoid that awkward silence is the very question that might just make the awkwardness, more awkward !!!!

You are seen

Posted on 3 4 m read 144 views

People want to be seen, noticed, acknowledged. I do not always think it is a bad thing, I think that it is just human nature but sometimes the NEED to feel seen or acknowledged  or noticed can become very un healthy and that is when it becomes dangerous. Too much of anything is bad for you right? ( well most times yes ) …

Bren and pip interview

Posted on 0 4 m read 118 views

As you all know I love doing interviews with people who inspire me. Every interview I have done I have been pleasantly surprised by how amazing and down to earth everyone has been. Its quite something to put yourself out there and just answer questions about yourself. When I discovered the next two lovely ladies, it was no different. We connected on social …