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The Maddie Leather Tote Bag

Posted on 0 1 m read 24 views

As you all know I love supporting local brands. I have been wanting to do a write-up and look post on this brand for quite some time now and the time has finally come. Stellenbosch Leather is based in Stellenbosch and Somerset West they provide premium, handcrafted pre-made and custom leather goods.

What I love about them is that they really …

Five questions you shouldn’t ask

Posted on 2 4 m read 212 views

We often get caught in those awkward conversations with people we may not know that well. Sometimes the default thing we go to is asking random questions. They might be with good intentions but sometimes the very question we ask to try and avoid that awkward silence is the very question that might just make the awkwardness, more awkward !!!!

How to stay inspired as a blogger

Posted on 0 2 m read 127 views

I always get asked how to I get my inspiration for a lot of the things I do for my blog. It simply comes down to reading other amazing blogs and see what they do and then how I can make it my own. These bloggers are some of my favorite bloggers out there and they inspire me daily to be better at …

Imagine If

Posted on 5 4 m read 161 views

Every year I write and reflect about my dreams and desires. It is no secret that I am a dreamer and a bit of a mystic at times. I like to think big without the practicality at times. Maybe you are a bit like me and you can imagine your future looking bright, despite all the challenges life has thrown at you. It …

Confidence cover up

Posted on 0 3 m read 206 views

Ever since I decided to only use natural products on my skin I have gotten so many girls come up to me and either say, but Tami you never had bad skin to begin with, to which I would respond and say that yes I did and that the only time they ever saw me was when I had makeup on. Β You see …

Look what you made me do

Posted on 5 4 m read 202 views

In the famous words of Taylor Swift, I say to my old skin care routine and my makeup with much sadness LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!! You have given me no choice but to go the natural way, yes it may mean as a blogger I don’t get free makeup or skin care products to review but my skin and body’s health …