Miracle in the mundane

To be happy we often tend to focus on the things that

(a). are currently depicted by the circumstances around us.

(b). things that are tangible and materialistic.

(c). The interaction with people in our lives.

These things can make us happy yes, but the problem happens when we make it the source of our happiness. I have come to realize that our circumstances change, materialistic things go as quickly as they come and people, sadly, disappoint.

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Has jealousy ruined your life?

We are constantly confronted with the way in which the world is developing and has developed over the last few years, perhaps lets say technology wise. This has created an even bigger opportunity for jealousy to take control over many different parts of our lives. Which means jealousy can be a daily issue we need to overcome.

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Too busy for real life

This past week, I have had a very bad chest cold, which resulted in more me- time and to be quite frank, I haven’t had me-time for a very long time.
Being sick has a way of bringing us back to reality and not the term of “back to reality” people use to express their saddened state of coming back from a vacation to work or to class. The reality that is just you being faced with the real you, with the air that you’re breathing and the sweet stillness around you.

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Who are your real friends

As human beings, to live in isolation from one another can do so much more harm to us than good. We were created for one another, we were created to be in company of other men and women. This desire we have to be in company allows us we gravitate towards people and this is where our choice (because yes God gives us choice) can either create healthy friendships or unhealthy ones. Oh how we need more healthy friendship in the world!

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