We Are Jona Interview

1: how did we are Jona start?

Jona (like most good stories) started over a delicious cup of coffee. I had just moved back to Jeffrey’s Bay after graduating from NMMU with a Diploma in Fashion Design. In March of 2015 a good friend of mine and I spontaneously decided that we wanted to start a clothing label. At that stage we weren’t sure what the brand would be, or even what we were after exactly, but we knew we wanted to pursue something together.

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Jota-Kena Interview

I am bursting at the seams to share this interview with you. I am honored to introduce you to the Swinford Sisters. A dynamic duo to say the least. These ladies have encapsulated the feminine heart bottled it up and poured it out on to their garments.

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Jessica Anne Interview

Last week we got to hang at our favorite coffee spot in Town The Power and the glory with Jessica Anne Mole Creator and founder of Jessica Anne  who by the end of the hour became one of our favorite people for sure. Her kind and gentle spirit is so inspiring. We chatted about her journey, career and the heart she has for fashion and helping people.

so why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and relax while you get to know Jessica a bit better.

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Brittany Xavier Interview

The Los Angeles Blogger sensation who is all around amazing, fashionable and inspiring:

Brittany Xavier

from Thrifts and Threads blog is absolutely killing the industry!

Blogging is only going to get bigger from here and we want YOU to have the front row seat in being a part of that. The beauty of fellow Blogger Lady Bosses are that they are all about helping others get to a place where they can own their own life from fashion to lifestyle and of course impacting media platforms the right way! It is …

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Zanita Whittington Interview

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