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Bren and pip interview

Posted on 0 4 m read 124 views

As you all know I love doing interviews with people who inspire me. Every interview I have done I have been pleasantly surprised by how amazing and down to earth everyone has been. Its quite something to put yourself out there and just answer questions about yourself. When I discovered the next two lovely ladies, it was no different. We connected on social …

We Are Jona Interview

Posted on 0 4 m read 171 views

1: how did we are Jona start?

Jona (like most good stories) started over a delicious cup of coffee. I had just moved back to Jeffrey’s Bay after graduating from NMMU with a Diploma in Fashion Design. In March of 2015 a good friend of mine and I spontaneously decided that we wanted to start a clothing …

Zanita Whittington Interview

Posted on 0 5 m read 146 views