Surviving the Wait builds inner strength.

Things I am still learning part 2.

  • Author:
  • Taylored Heart
  • Date:
  • 19 Nov 2020

Hi there

Delays can be disheartening, especially when circumstances don’t go the way you planned or your burdens become too heavy to carry. Have you every experienced heartbreak before or devastating disappointments that have stolen your joy and strength?Have you been waiting days, weeks, months or years without any answers to your prayers and the the illness, financial difficulty, conflict, loneliness, uncertainty become too hard to bare.

I don’t know what you may be going through but I do know that it can be hard and you may feel tempted to fall back into destructive habits. There’s nothing that can plunge you into the darkness of despair like a prolonged season of waiting. Trust me I’ve been there and some days I still am. Don’t ever feel like you are alone when you are feeling down or sad or hopeless. You have a friend in me and I’d love to chat with you.

I know that it is easier said than done but we must be determined to wait on the Lord with courage. Its your courage that’s stretches and refines you in your darkest and most painful times. Courage is a state of mind that’s absolutely essential for breakthrough. It definitely isn’t easy but when we are determined to set our mind on being courageous, the reward is that much sweeter when our breakthrough comes. When everything looks bleak and there’s no hope, we have to try our best in Gods strength to keep trusting him with our seasons ( good or bad ) We can’t give up or quit because we have to trust that the Lord is still good and has amazing big plans for our lives. I say this reluctantly but we must be willing to face adversity and embrace discomfort in order to take hold of the very best the Lord has planned for us.

Trust me, sometimes I want to give up in fact on a daily based I’ll have thoughts in my mind that are toxic for my future but my faith keeps me rooted and I’d love to share with you how you too can stay on track when everything around you feels dark and hopeless.

How to survive the wait!

1:Remember God is with you.

He knows exactly where you are and what you’re facing—and He’s walking with you, providing for and protecting you along the way.

“But the devil is a liar and we have a choice wether we want to take those thoughts captive.”

— Tami Kolbe

2:Believe it or not there is a purpose to your pain.

Our pain trains us in the fires of adversity. Why? Because there’s nothing that deepens your understanding, stirs your compassion for others, and shows you what’s truly important the way pain does.

3:You’re in a spiritual battle.

You have a real enemy who strikes at the core of who you are. How does he do so? Through what you think and believe. There’s no more effective time for the devil to discourage and torment you than when you’re waiting on God. He knows exactly how to pinpoint the most painful, vulnerable places in your life and lead you astray But the devil is a liar and we have a choice wether we want to take those thoughts captive.

4:Always have a heart of gratitude.

We must thank God in every situation and delay that you face, courageously trusting in the One who will ultimately bring you through.

If there is something that I need to keep reminding myself it’s that the delays and sufferings in our lives won’t last, there will be a breakthrough and this too shall pass. If you’ll remain courageous and faithful, trusting God to guide you through the difficult seasons of your life, then He’ll do amazing things in and through you. And He’ll move you from despair to the wonderful place where all of His promises for you are fulfilled.

I say this all to you coming from a place where I am still waiting on many things so I’m no way have I overcome or even had my breakthrough yet but if you and me both can hold on to the 4 guidelines above, I believe that it will make the journey better and in return we can help others along in their journey too.