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The other side of forgiveness

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When it comes to forgiveness, we always hear things like forgiving others sets you free not the person you are forgiving or what about forgiving someone doesnt make what they did ok but it releases you from the bondage of what was done to you. We can find many books, quotes and resourse on forgiveness because it is true Forgiveness does have the power to set you free. I know this to be true in my life, but that is not what I want to speak to you about today. I want to talk about the otherside of forgiveness. Lately I have been convicted to look inside myself and ask that very hard question – is there anyone that I have wronged, is there anyone that I need to ask forgiveness of?
If you ask me, that is a pretty tough thing to look at, why? Because we don’t want to look inside of ourselves and get real and realise that sometimes we might have been in the wrong. Yes it is vital that we forgive others but it is just as important to realise your wrongs and ask for forgiveness. Not so that you can put yourself down or feel discouraged but rather to release yourself from that bondage of shame you put yourself under. I believe there are a few reasons why we might find it hard to ask for forgiveness and hopefully by reading further it can help you to unlock a few things in your life that have been holding you back from living and being everything you are meant to be. 1: Forgiving others and asking for forgiveness go hand in hand.

You can’t have one without the other. If you find it hard to forgive, it will be just as hard to ask others to forgive you. When bad things happen to us, our hearts can grow cold and harden, our natural defense mechanism is to shut people out so that we don’t get hurt again. Sadly the only thing that happens if we do that is we do get hurt because now we have isolated ourselves. Isolation steals your joy and creates a heart that is closed and ultimately unhappy.


2: pride!

Who ever wants to admit they are proud. That word has a negative meaning attached to it but unfortunately if you are human, you have some degree of pride in you. Pride is a misplaced sense of worth, where we put too much emphasis on our needs, how we feel and what am I going to get out of it where as humility shows that God is in control. The only way you can look into yourself and realize you are not perfect is to get rid if your pride.


3: you don’t feel worthy enough.

Sometimes we don’t feel we can ask for forgiveness because we don’t feel good enough. We feel shame for what we have done and we just simply can’t grasp the idea of somebody accepting our apology. Guess what though, the good news is that God has forgiven you already, for the things you have done in the past and the things you are still going to do so when you have realised you are in the wrong you are not asking for that persons approval of you, you are not trying to get them to love you again. You do not need that because you already have that in God, he accepts you and loves you no matter what you have done. What I have found saying Sorry and asking someone to forgive you does, is it humbles you and puts God back in the drivers seat. It frees you from what others think of you. It simply does not matter anymore. IT IS FINISHED! You are forgiven.Β 

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