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Don’t be afraid of the dark

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Not knowing what the future holds can sometimes be a very daunting thing. In this day and age we want everything planned out, we even put unrealistic expectations on ourselves or even others just to make sure our dreams and goals are on the right  path to success. I however have a slightly different way to look at those “dark” situations where the future isn’t looking as bright as you thought it would.

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For some reason unknown to me, we as humans like to get really hard on ourselves when things don’t go right or our way. If it is not someone else’s fault well then it must be my fault right? I really think that is where the enemy wants us to stay. We camp in our self pity and then our future decisions are made out of that place of shame or guilt we feel from the previous decision we made.

Sitting in Honest Chocolate Cafe this pretty, quaint homely little cafe in the city, me and Jessica Combrink owner of Jess Green Blog were talking about our dreams and visions for the future of our businesses and as we did that something really struck me…..

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1: You can not dream with a wounded spirit

As we started chatting I realized something in me that I don’t even think Jess realized, but for the first time in a long time as I was telling her my plans and dreams I actually was believing what was coming out my mouth, for the first time in a while my words were aligning with what I really believed could happen. You see if I had stayed in my past or dwelt in the decisions I had made in before, not only would I not have wanted to open up to her but I also would not have been able to hear her when she wanted to tell me her dreams because I would be so focused on my own failure.

2: You can not dream alone

I love what happened next as we chatted. We both were just chatting and getting excited about future possibilities and as we were sharing we realized that our ideas could actually work very well together, in fact maybe we were meant to tell each other so that the dream could actually make sense.

I think a lot of the time in business, especially if it is our own business we tend to be quite protective over our ideas in fear that someone might take advantage of it or steal the idea and make it their own. I feel that if we find people that we can trust I think that sharing our ideas are vital for the growth of where we want to go in business and personally. I f had not shared my idea with Jess then she would not have shared her idea with me and we would not have come up with the Brilliant Idea that we did that morning. ( I will share with you all very soon ) Dreaming bigger sometimes means letting others in, being vulnerable, realizing that we actually need others around us if we want to grow.

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3: Your dream can not die if you know you are not alone

Now that me and Jess had shared some pretty great things, we are holding each other accountable. As much as we have bad days, weeks, moths or even years where you think that dream is dead. If you told someone, that person will always be there to remind you that it is not. Make sure you have a friend or mentor that you can speak to about your dreams and hopes for the future. Don’t keep them to yourself. Who knows, what God has placed inside you could change the world and keeping it to yourself isn’t going to do anyone any good.

4: You can not dream if you don’t know who gave you the dream in the first place

I believe that our passions and desires in life come from one place and one place only. God has given us all desires and dreams and how I know this is because the dreams I have are way way way too big for me to accomplish on my own the only way that they can come true is with God. God wants to help us, he wants the best for us and we wants us to know that without him nothing is possible but with him anything is possible.

So when it comes to us blaming ourselves for the reasons why things maybe didn’t work out, maybe just maybe it is because we tried to do it in our own strength. I know That it is true for me. When ever I try to make things happen on my terms it just seems to take longer, feel harder and then when things do go wrong its easy to blame myself because I am the one that got me to that point, but if I have God on my side peace starts to fill my heart and if things don’t go right I don’t blame myself or others I just thank God that he has shown me that there can be a better way. The pressure is off me and I can cast my burdens on him.

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I really hope that by reading this you take the time to dream again, give that dream over to God and then tell someone about it, write it down so you don’t forget. When life doesn’t go the way we want, in stead of sinking into self pity, lets rise up and use our mistakes to inspire others. Don’t let what hasn’t happened in your life set you up for further disappointment in the future, instead let your failure or mistake propel you into greater things as you give the reigns over to God and let him take control.

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Photography: Jess Green

  • Elaine
    June 10, 2017

    What a good read. Beautiful inspiration.

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    June 16, 2017

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