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Calm in the chaos

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Life can become messy and chaos can arise. Life can sometimes subtly make us miss the point to it all, make us miss living for our purpose, make us miss being all we can be.

These are periods I find myself too often going through. I don’t like to, but sometimes it just ends up happening. I noticed how I literally disappoint myself everyday, when I act in a way I shouldn’t, think and feel in a way I shouldn’t or know is completely indifferent to how I want to feel and think and behave. In this chaotic state it can become easy to miss the peace of Jesus for me, and that is something I need, frankly, that is something we all need.


The question that has been on my heart is:

Why do we choose to look away from God, when he gives us sight to see our vision?

This is often what we do in chaotic times, we tend to turn away from the true answer, the true beauty and ultimately the truth – Jesus Christ.

My plea to God is to worship and to worship with a heart that is : sincere, genuine, true, pure and intense in nature. I know I was created to worship and not in the general sense of everybody was created to worship but in an intimate way, in a way that the Holy Spirit has spoken it over my heart and life many times.

I encourage you to find the words of the Holy Spirit that will guide you in your chaos, to find what you need to set you free and see the beauty of Jesus in the storm.

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