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Miracle in the mundane

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To be happy we often tend to focus on the things that

(a). are currently depicted by the circumstances around us.

(b). things that are tangible and materialistic.

(c). The interaction with people in our lives.

These things can make us happy yes, but the problem happens when we make it the source of our happiness. I have come to realize that our circumstances change, materialistic things go as quickly as they come and people, sadly, disappoint.

To be honest, writing this right now, my heart has been hurt by something that is out of my control and for a good few minutes I started turning the tables towards me and my capabilities. Being in a place of such disappointment makes my stomach turn and puts me in the “fight or flight” mode, any psychology majors over here that can relate to that term? haha, so basically its our body’s quick psychological response to a current situation that is perceived to be a threat to us. I started planning things – unrealistically- with a racing heart and mixed emotions and literally had to tell myself to stop. I realized how I quickly had to check myself and gain a greater perspective. For too long have I allowed certain things and people to influence my perspective and feelings toward life.

I believe that we should live optimistic lives! I believe that we can certainly toss morbidity and sadness aside. To do this we however have to CHOOSE to. This – this is the difficult part but completely and utterly POSSIBLE.

Today you can be happy, today you should be happy – today you should live an optimistic life.


Put the kettle on make a cup of tea maybe grab a pen and paper or mentally just process the following:

1. Am I happy or am I filled with Joy?
2. Why am I happy/sad/anxious…(add your feeling)
3. Is this out of my control?
4. How can I choose to be optimistic today?

I absolutely love Paul’s revelation of this in 2 Corinthians 12v7-10

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Love Tatum


Let us choose to find the miracle in the mundane. There is a saying that goes ” Embrace the glorious mess that you are in “

Life isn’t perfect and there will be challenges that we will need to face, that goes without saying. We can not rely on the good or bad times to fill any gaps we may have in our hearts. Happiness is temporary but Joy comes from God and if we truly seek joy in our lives it won’t matter what we are going through our joy comes from within. Gods strength is made perfect in our weakness just like that verse said.

I am still challenged to think this way everyday, it isn’t easy but I am starting to see slowly why I can rejoice in my weakness, because when I hit rock bottom God is there to pick up the broken pieces.

Love Tami




Photography by: Chanelle Sanjit


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