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Who will you choose to be

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From the way people dress to the manner in which they carry themselves on the street, let me tell you something, everybody is trying to be somebody. Which I guess isn’t entirely bad, unless you’re trying to be somebody else and not yourself.

Ok Ok Ok….hold up, pause a bit and take that in. Who are you portraying to be, or better yet, are you stepping out into all that you are called to be?

Walking around the different bureaus of New York City, I saw a bunch of very diverse people, very fashionable to say the least and very…very busy. What stood out a lot  to me, was that the way in which people carried themselves were as if they were somebody in this world (which we forget that we are). We tend to lean towards this skewed perception that celebraties, the extremely rich and successful or “good looking folk” are something and if we don’t fit into that really out of reach box and tick off all the requirements, we are not deemed worthy.


Find your niche in life, draw out what makes you happy or what you are good at and invest into that. Start carrying yourself like a very important person. We need to stop looking at other people who seemingly are ranked as something and start looking at the gold within ourselves.

The attitude we have of ourselves can take us far in life. Navigating a healthy attitude (and not conceitedness or competition with other people) is the challenge however.

Find a way that keeps yourself grounded and that helps you live out the potential you have you to be great!!


How can I apply this to my life:

1) Talk to someone: Talking to a friend/person in your field or mentor who you trust, to help you focus on your growth and most important keep you accountable for your actions.

2) Fill yourself with Knowledge: Grab a personal development book that you can read every night and reflect on (or study the women or men in the Bible that you can learn from)

3) Take time to reflect: Each night reflect on your day, what you feel was productive or counterproductive and work on that!!

Go to the mirror right now, look at yourself and say “I am something”.



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