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Too busy for real life

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This past week, I have had a very bad chest cold, which resulted in more me- time and to be quite frank, I haven’t had me-time for a very long time.
Being sick has a way of bringing us back to reality and not the term of “back to reality” people use to express their saddened state of coming back from a vacation to work or to class. The reality that is just you being faced with the real you, with the air that you’re breathing and the sweet stillness around you.
It often forces us to just relax and get some perspective. This included a lot of time with my thoughts and feelings and best of all, with the Lord and although my body was weak, my spirit became stronger. I had the time to read the word more than once a day, and it was such a good place to be in! When conversations were brought up and being able to feel the word speak and have its way… it was probably the highlight of my week!
This however, made me quickly realise that in the business of life, I started to place second value on one of the most important gifts from God, my life. I got very consumed with doing this or doing that, coffee dates and hangouts that a) I got really broke and b) I forgot to take care of myself.
The question then becomes what happens when we are well and healthy to hit the road again? Does the cycle of business take over again? Does my me-time wait until I get sick again? I certainly hope not!
You see I reckon that we need to start becoming intentional beings again. We need to stop living for the rush of life and start adding peace back into our world! This is going to take being intentional about setting time aside that allows you to be still and disconnected from what’s happening around you and connected with whats happening inside of you. From this you will find real life to flow out of you and you will be able to start living a more joyful life!

Do you ever feel like we give the word BUSY way to much credit in our lives? I know often when ever someone asks me how I am I say I am doing good but just very busy and maybe that is true but sometimes we don’t have to give the business so much attention, otherwise it starts taking over our lives and we revolve our lives around our busyness ( what ever that may be for you ) instead why don’t we revolve our busyness around our lives……. ok let me explain.

Yes I agree life can get hectic and there will be seasons in our lives where the rubber hits the road and there isn’t even enough time to count the fingers on your own hand, but there are also times when we will have less to do, when things are going slower and you have time to think about what you are thinking about ( if that makes sense ). It is very important that when we are in that season of our lives, to put boundaries and adopt a certain way of thinking when it comes to prioritizing things again.

More often than not the things that make us busy are out of our control, like our jobs or studies. That alone takes up a chunk of our day, not to mention the commitments you might have after work or that side business hustle you have going, maybe you teach dance classes on weekends or you coach a sports team? what even it is sometimes it is hard to decide what is more important and what needs to take preference.

3 few ways to help you rest in the busyness and take control of your life again.

1: learn When to say no: The word NO is often frowned upon in this day and age. We have built a culture where by everyone is encouraged to say yes all the time and to everyone that asks something of us.

When you get to the end of the year like we have now and you feel burnt out, think about how many times you actually said no to something that got asked of you. Of cause I don’t mean a work task or a varsity commitment that is different. I mean things that we have volunteered our time to do, even though it is always good to have a yes attitude, it is just as important to know when you are burning out or when you feel like someone is taking advantage of your YES. If you are saying no out of a pure heart and clear mind then I feel like it gives your YES more power. Be true to yourself when you can feel you have nothing to give.

2: Take “ME TIME” everyday: Now I know that might sound crazy and you are probably thinking how do I find the time for that. It will look different for everyone. It could be that you decide you are going to take a lunch break everyday and not just eat at your desk and call that “me time” it could look like taking a walk every morning or evening just to clear your head. It could even be putting on your favorite album or podcast in the car and just taking time to think of other things other than work.

what I am trying to say is find what works for you and make that apart of your daily routine, no matter how busy you are, there should always be time to take care of yourself.

3: Make time for others everyday: This too can look like many different things, it could be having coffee with someone everyday if your schedule allows it or it could be something as simple as messaging a friend to see how they doing. what this does is it forces you to focus on someone else other than yourself and all the things you have going on. I will put a challenge out there. If you are going for coffee with a friend try not to talk about how busy you are and ask how they are and invest into their life.

Lets take BUSY and show it who is really BOSS! 


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