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Are you fighting for your dreams or have you given up?

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What are your dreams? Or do do even dream anymore?

When I was a little girl I wanted to be like Britney Spears and sing “Hit me baby one more time” in the school hall ways ( don’t Β judge me, I was 10 years old ) I wanted to be a singer but nobody knew I could, not even my family and those closest to me. Growing up I was very shy, any attention that was put on me I would hate it and want to run away.

The fact that I was so shy crippled me in a lot of ways and made me step back and count myself out as a dreamer. Even though I really was a dreamer and from a young age I had a great sense of purpose and a longing to see that purpose come to life. That passion and purpose I had was determined by how I felt about myself and because my view of who I was, was very distorted I did not think that a big future was in store for me. So that is how I lived my life, just living each day out but still had these deep desires in my heart. I just kept them to myself, I thought who really wants to know about what I want or what is so special about me that the dreams I have are going to come true?

Some of you may be feeling this way and it is causing you to stop dreaming. You have put your dreams on a shelf because your circumstances are so far removed from the things you want to achieve in life. You have basically given up just like I did all those years back when I was a teenager. Am I speaking to anyone here?

So how do you get out of this rut, out of this feeling of feeling insignificant because that is what it comes down to. If you don’t feel worthy then you don’t feel like dreaming BIG is even in the question.

3 ways to to get you on the track and start dreaming BIG again


1: write your dreams down on paper!

Actually get a journal and right down all those burning heart desires that you have only told to yourself. There is so so much power in writing things down, firstly it helps you remember and secondly you start to believe again.

2: Tell somebody else what your dreams are!

Grab a close friend or a mentor that you know you can trust and go for coffee and just chat. Dream big with each other as if there were no limits holding you back. Speaking something out has the power to set you free from a lot of the lies that get fed into your brain from social media and the like. Trust me this works because when you get people on your side who believe and cheer your on in life it holds you accountable to those dreams and when they see you pulling back, they can help you to rise up again and encourage you about that convocation you had about the dreams you had in your heart.


3: Start to live out your dreams in small steps everyday

Now its not to say that once you write down your dreams or tell somebody that magically they start happening the next day. I think the biggest misconception about a dream is that it just falls in your lap, that is called a miracle where as a dream is a desire in your heart that God has placed there but it is up to you to work for that dream, fight for that dream. Your daily decisions in life take you to your next season in life so even if you are in an office job doing admin but your dream is to be a photographer traveling around the world, it is your responsiblity to go out there and learn how to use a camera in your spare time, watch youtube videos, ask other photographers how they started or possibly intern somewhere.

Life is all about grabbing it by the horns and owning it! I think the perfect balance for a dream to come true is a mixture of believing in yourself but also having faith because if your dreams are so big it requires God to step in and take over and do what only he can do. God loves you and I don’t know if many people know that and if someone in your life loves you they want the best for you. God loves you so he is going to make sure that you get what you want if it is best for you.







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