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It’s all in the detail

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I believe we are all on a journey in life and when we start to realize that, life becomes more than just living! Living with a vision becomes so exciting and motivating but within that same breath is very intricate and the intricate part my friend is where many of us tend to get stuck and overwhelmed.

Paying attention to detail is one of the pivotal parts of life that we should just not ignore because this is what makes our vision clearer to see and reach. It’s the simple things that actually make the biggest difference.

In the world of blogging, Instagram and snap this and snap that we tend to forget that users are actual people and not just a handle on the site or a cyber robot liking and commenting on a post. It’s so interesting how we ignore the humanity of one another, we see them for what they display and never dig deeper than the content that they’re sharing. And that’s where the gold is, it’s in the detail of their journey! It’s in the simple “thank you” response to legitimate compliments and admirations. It’s in paying attention to the substance and heart of people and not the @ sign before their name or the .com making it just a site to access. tatum-5

This makes me think a lot of the father in Heaven and how much he pays attention to detail. He understands that detail is what produces the end result and therefore it shouldn’t be overlooked. Bearing this mind, he doesn’t over look the detail of your journey right now, even when we feel utterly and completely alone because nobody sees the intricate process we are undergoing, oh how the fathers heart is burning for us to know he cares and not only is he alpha he is omega, he was with you in the begging he is the end which ultimately means the journey is the middle he has already let you overcome.




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