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How do you know when you have arrived as a blogger

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Attention all bloggers, business women and men, entrepreneur or just anyone who wants to be of any great influences in this world. Yes We are talking to you. For the next while we will be chatting to you about a little thing called blogging etiquette or replace the word blogging with whatever field you are in. we are just choosing blogging because that is our field of expertise.

I am not sure if you are aware but there are some unwritten rules that every blogger should follow if you want to make an impact in the world of the internet. I am sharing these because either I have made the mistakes and do not want you to make the same ones or I have seen it from other bloggers and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hope this help you and brings value to what you do. I believe that if you do or don’t do these things you can not only make it far as a blogger but also your credibility will be of value and your voice will be heard that much louder.


I can not stress this enough. I know that as bloggers or business women/men we get a lot of emails on a daily basis and much of those emails could be spam but I am not talking about those, I am talking about the emails you get from a blogger who maybe is not as successful as you who may want to collab with you or your brand. You have no obligation to work or collab with anyone you do not want to but please please have the decency to reply back and say that you are not able to and give your reason why. That person/ blogger/ brand went out of their way to mail you because they think that you are awesome so writing back a response is the least you can do even if it is to turn the offer down.

I can tell you now that most people would prefer you to respond rather than just leaving it all up in the air. Basically you are breaking a bridge before you have even met ( NOT COOL ) No one should be too “famous” or well known to not have time of day for others just like yourself, other fellow blogger who are trying to make it just as much as you are.




I will admit I have been guilty of this more than once. ( but we all grow and learn ) Do not give empty promises to your readers. If you offer to give ladies styling advice or makeup tips then be true to your word and give them your expert advice. Your blog post is just the platform for which people can see that you know what you are talking about but if someone messages you privately and asks your advice it is your responsibility to respond to that message. Someone who is brilliant with that is Brittany Grace from the blog Not Another Blonde. It may seem taxing because it’s behind the scenes nobody can physically see you helping someone but trust me if you do not help them that could actually cost you a valued reader and do you really want to take that risk?

By you starting a blog or business is basically saying that you want to help others in one way or another through either giving your advice, equipping them with a skill or selling a product because you believe it could change their life. If you are waiting around for your blog to blow up on the internet by just posting pretty pictures but not actually interacting with your readers then you might be in for a bit of a surprise when you realise your blog is not growing.




I have seen this so much and spoken to a lot of girls who ask me how it is that I got to where I am? I get confused by this question because where exactly do they think I am? To others it may seem as though I have it all together and don’t get me wrong I have worked hard to have my blog but I am nowhere near where I want to be. The thing that gets me with that question is that it creates division, immediately there is a misconception that someone who has 200 000 followers on Instagram is more successful than someone who has 2000 followers. Your Instagram page or Facebook page is not your blog it is a marketing tool to get people to read your blog. You haven’t ARRIVED if you suddenly have 1Mill followers on Instagram, personally I think if you have 1000 followers and all of them read your blog and actually take in what you say then that is more powerful that having a lot of followers yet all you get is a like on a picture you posted.


The perfect balance is to have both, a lot of followers vs valued readers that keep coming back, motto of the story – be faithful with the little otherwise how can you be entrusted with much. If you have the attitude of “look at me I have arrived” you will never be satisfied with what you have achieved because its all about you and hoping people see you instead of actually wanting to help people succeed more often than not that, mixed with hard work gets you further than any blown up ego will.

Let me know what you think. Do you have any blogging tips up your sleeve that can help I would love to know in the comment section below.








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