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How living uncomplicated makes you more than happy it makes you whole!

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Living uncomplicated is a choice. You might be thinking this is Easier said than done right? Well it is, living a simple life is almost un heard of in this day and age.

There is always something happening, things to do, wether its work or personal we never want to be the ones that are missing out.When it comes to making that choice to live uncomplicated, it comes down to a mindset of being content with where you are at in life. I feel that if you are in a constant state of wanting to do something or be somewhere you will never truly be happy. When you are not happy you are always going to try to fill your life with ” things ” and “ stuff ” those things and stuff make our lives busy, stressful and complicated.


3 ways I have leant how to choose to live uncomplicated:

1: Do I really want it

I ask myself do I really want that thing? do I really want to go there? Am I making decisions based on what I want to do or say or am I just doing or buying something because its what everyone else is doing or buying.

2: Heart check

I believe we should all do a heart check every now and then and ask the question – am I content with who I am in my life. If the answer is no then that is a clear indicator that you will find it hard to make decisions, you will want to be everywhere all the time because you don’t want to miss out.

3: Take control of your thoughts

take control of your thought life. Your thoughts are where a lot of our actions take place out of. If you think a certain way its more than likely that you will act that thought out at a later stage in your life. So for example if you are an anxious person, always worrying, it probably first started in your mind and outworked itself into action. If we can grab a hold of our thoughts and try to stay positive, it not only releases you to be happier it allows you to actually live uncomplicated.



Do you feel flustered and frustrated way too many times than you would like to? Or maybe you are constantly in a position where you are overthinking things?

Often, I bring myself to a place where I cloud up my life with so many What if’s or should I? Shouldn’t I? Maybe? Maybe not? This can become a place where we are never satisfied because there is always an alternative way and it becomes tough to choose one. I noticed that I would tend to overcomplicate a situation that was so clearly black and white. I would fight off something so much, even when it was from God, and think of ten thousand other ways when in reality, His way was the easiest to step into. This had become such a cycle in my life and ended up in so many missed opportunities. Being indecisive can suck the life out of us and cause us to waste a lot of time, of which we know, time is money..I mean precious.. time is precious πŸ˜‰


Life can be so simplistic and clear if we allow it to. If YOU let it be, you can step into a place where joy follows you and the complicated becomes uncomplicated.

One thing that stands true is that God is the father of peace and the absolute calm to our storm. The storm we put ourselves in and the storm that weighs our thoughts and occupies our mind, He is the peace and his peace is enough.

His peace is enough for you today. Speak peace over your mind, don’t let it run before you and prevent you from stepping into your future.



What do you do to live uncomplicated, is there something you do that you have learnt helps you when you find life just gets out of control busy. We would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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