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Is your current perspective changing your future outcome?

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Do you see yourself as a winner? Or as a failure? How about your circumstances, do you see them as hopeless? Or hope-filled?

How we view our world and ourselves has a great impact on how our reality begins to shape itself.

As of late, I have been so aware of my perception of the world, people and ultimately the way I see myself. I came to realize how important this is and how it can bring so much fear or complete joy.


For instance, earth in all its vastness can be such a scary place especially with the many hostile things that take place. This idea used to overwhelm me so much. I used to be overwhelmed by the fact that there are animals forced to fight one another on a daily basis for money or as part of a competition or that hunger and poverty have become killers. Out of the millions being affected, I, as one person, could do nothing to save them all. This thought broke me, it wrecked me and took me apart up until this week when peace was dropped into my heart. I was faced with the phrase “the way you view it is the way it will be” and that our thoughts greatly mobilize our actions.

The definition of the word ‘perception’ is: “A way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something: a mental impression”

Did you notice that in the definition it doesn’t say “THE way” something is, but rather “A way” = MIND BLOWN! So what is YOUR way of viewing what you’re going through right now? Because believe me, it is important!


How to OWN your thoughts
– Become conscious and aware of them. Too often we allow ourselves to become lost in our thoughts and let them float around in our head. Take charge of what you are thinking and allow fruitfulness to flow from it.

– Fill your mind with positive materials, whether it’s music, images or words. Read up on solutions rather than listening to that really depressing song.

– SPEAK peace and good vibes over yourself!

This just makes me realize how easily seeing something can change the game internally too and affect the way we respond within our spirits. Circumstances are something that we can’t run away from because you can’t walk around closing your eyes BUT you can control the way you see things.

Choose joy! CHOOSE HOPE! Choose a solution!

Love Tatum

Do you ever wonder if the way you think today can actually change your outcome for tomorrow?
Maybe it isn’t a thought that has ever crossed your mind but for me, it is something that has been tackling my thoughts a lot lately.

You see, I have a strong conviction that our words are power! What we say and how we think affects not only ourselves but also the people around us. If our perspective on life is distorted or lacks wisdom I believe it really can change the way things unfold for our future.

Not to say that we are the authors of our own destiny, I believe God is the author to my life story, but I also think that we play a major part in how our story unfolds and how long it might takes us to get to the other side of our current situation.

This is a hard thought to swallow actually! Well,for me it definitely is. Let me give you an example of how I believe current perspective effects your future.I used to have a job that I hated. Everyday I went to work with dread, insecurity, fear, anxiety and a feeling of inadequacy due to the environment that surrounded me at work.


I didn’t like where I worked and didn’t see it taking me forward into my future in any way. Due to this perspective, I allowed those negative feelings to take over me every time I left for work. It caused me to not give of my best, and to put it bluntly, I had a bad attitude. Now, that’s not to say that the people I worked with at the time were right for treating me the way they did but perspective is not about other people. Your perspective is not based on how others treat you or what they say to you. Perspective is a heart condition. Hear me out, I think perspective changes over time as the convictions in your heart change, as you get more mature in your faith and in life. It change as we get older. I mean, you cant gain much perspective if you haven’t experienced life challenges!

So back to my old work place. My perspective then was “aah I hate it here, nothing will come out of this, it is a waste of my time!” and I could go on forever
(I am sure we all have been there one time or another in our lives). So, because of my perspective, I had a negative outlook and it spilled out onto other areas of my life. For the year that I was at that job I dreaded, everyday I did not embrace a learning spirit and my outlook on life was so limited! It was all based on the fact that the people I worked with were not treating me well. I let their bad behavior towards me effect my perspective.

The consequences of letting that happen were many: my year felt so long, I gained a negative attitude based off of how others were around me. Relationships in that work place were left broken and I felt at the time that I was worth nothing because I failed at that job. It affected my confidence and lead me to question my worth.

What God has taught me through that experience!

Through the bad season of working in a place I didn’t enjoy I learned that what my perspective is on my situation is how my current reality will play out. Because my perspective was negative, I had a negative experience. Now, when I am in a situation I don’t like, I need to choose to rise above it and look to God and ask Him what it is that He has for my life? Once He had placed that in my spirit, there was no going back. It doesn’t matter what I do or where I work, if I choose to rise above my feelings then I can learn and grow, no matter where I am or what people I have around me. Once God had dropped His promise into my heart, I held onto that and let it carry me through all kinds of situations.

Love Tami



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