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Just own it

Posted on 1 2 m read 98 views

Embracing your inner self can be really rough sometimes, right? Society has perpetuated this idea that celebrities are flawless and more important than those less recognised worldwide.

Insecurities have then taken many of us captive and mostly because the use of social media have really heightened and almost everybody is using either facebook, Instagram, twitter etc… It created mirrors where we look at ourselves and spot out our “flaws” because someone well known doesn’t have that particular trait.

What are you struggling with when you look at yourself?
What makes you feel so insecure sometimes you withdraw yourself from social settings?
Did you know that you are actually the person that people can look up to and healthily aspire to own life the way you will?

Start adopting the attitude “I am valuable” and own the small flaws that have been holding you back. Recognise them and use them for your trademark, maybe you can even start a trend!!!







The images you scrolled through of the adventures with Tay Tam is proof thereof! An early Sunday morning with crisp air and some drizzles with a pop of sun, turned into a total ” magazine spread ” type of morning. Maybe you’re thinking a ton of money is needed before you can get you the clothes “you need” and the photographer with pro-skills but. .

All you need is:

  •  Someone who believes in you and has the same vision. ( we found each other and can do adventures like this all the time )
  • Inexpensive thrift store or sale clothing. ( create your own style, money doesn’t make you look good, your confidence does )
  • A killer backdrop (white, black, not busy ) to show off your style!
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Start embracing who you are and treat yourself like a celebrity because yes you’re pretty fab. It becomes so easy to look at what your friend has and slow to see your potential, therefore our encouragement today is YOU ARE A BOSS, so start seeing yourself as one.





Tami’s outfit details:

Pullover: Old Khaki

White Jeans: Woolworths

Shoes: Zara

Coat: Second-hand store

Tatum’s outfit details:

Turtleneck: Topshop

coat: Jess Green Clothing ( custom made )

Pants: PNP Clothing

Shoes: Woolworths

Socks: Woolworths

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