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Avoid getting ripped off by a designer

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As a freelance designer it can be tricky when it comes to choosing your clients. Sometimes you get put in a situation where you can’t choose them because to put it simply, you need the money. But can I tell you there are ways in which you can make money as a freelance designer and not get ripped off in the process. These are just my own tips from experience I have unfortunately had to go through. I hope that it is helpful.


1: Always have a clear contract

I can not urge this point enough. Even if the person you are about to work wth is a friend or someone you know that you are doing a favour for. Having a contact in place puts value on both you and your clients time, money and effort.

Now I know Nobody likes dealing with boring legal stuff, because it’s complex so choose one that’s been highly recommended by other designers.

here are some links to ones That I think are pretty awesome.


Smashing Magazine

If it’s not signed in black and white, it’s not legally binding.


2: Ask For a Deposit 

you should explain to your client that a deposit is a standard compromise between freelancer and client, and that you won’t work without one. If the client decides to move on, don’t think of it as your loss; it’s very likely that they never had any money to begin with.

This should be one of the things mentioned in your contract!


3: Don’t Undervalue Your Services

You need to value what you bring as a designer, if you don’t then you can not expect someone else to. To put it bluntly if the work is not worth your time, kindly explain that a limited budget would result in a rushed, unsatisfactory outcome, and that the client should consider raising the budget. Never let the client wear you down with sob stories.

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