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Chasing the light

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A few weeks back I wanted to do a shoot because I had just gotten this amazing grey waterfall coat from a designer friend of mine aswell as this cozy navy knit from factorie. The only thing was that time was not on my side and as a result of that I had not had a chance to do my hair.

Despite all the odds against me I found an hour in my week to cram a quick shoot in ( bad Idea )

Optimized-image 1


1: DON’T BE IN A RUSH: This is not good if you want great results. These Things take time, It put unnecessary pressure on me to get all the right poses I had wanted and it also put unwanted pressure on my photographer, ( who by the way is amazing and did such a great job despite our challenges )

2:START EARLY: we only started shooting after 5  which would usually be fine seeing that it was a cloudy day but with winter approaching us the light is disappearing earlier each day. We were constantly chasing the light and trying to find a spot where we could get good composition as well as having the light fall in the right places. It was challenging to say the least.

3: ALWAYS BE READY: I know myself, I always feel better when my hair is down for a shoot. I am more confident and sure that I will get the result I want from the shoot. I learnt from that day to always be ready  to shoot. At the same time don’t just have a photoshoot if you find a window of opportunity. This can work sometimes but more often than not you will find yourself rushing or not being yourself because you were not ready.

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Make sure you have all those small things sorted like having your hair done or having your nails done. It’s those things that can make or break a good look.

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Optimized-image 9


Optimized-image 5


IMG_2432 Optimized-image 8

Optimized-image 11

Optimized-image 10 (2)

Photographer: Manesha Smit

Coat: Jess Green

Navy Knit: Factorie


1 Comment
  • Lalannie Knoll
    May 6, 2016

    Very few women can rock a top bun… You do it effortlessly!!
    That knit and coat are all kinds of yum!!

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