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DIY gold foil prints

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I love gold! And I’m sure you do too! Here is how I created my latest range of limited edition gold foil prints.

Firstly, I lay awake for 2 nights thinking of quotes that would be suitable for my project. There were dozens written in my bedside notebook (if you don’t have a bedside notebook yet, get one! All my best ideas seem to come at night when I’m already in bed)

After choosing 6, I started planning the typography I wanted to use for each individual quote. I sketched my revised lettering with correct spacing and size.

Then I went over the pencil lettering with black drawing ink and a thin paintbrush. This is so much harder than I thought with the paintbrush I used. (Next time I might just cheat and use a koki and a black fine liner…haha)

edited 3

edited 2


To find out how she got to the end result click here and you too can have your pinterest inspired prints. If you decide to make your own let me know in the comments section. I would love to know how yours turned out and I am sure Sammy would love to as well.

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