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Check Out Billboard interview about their latest project:

Billboard: A little backstory first: How and why did Hillsong Y&F form initially?

Laura Toggs: Hillsong United [launched in 1998], the original group, got underway when the members were all pretty young, because it was started as part of the youth ministry at Hillsong Church. As they evolved and started to mature, have families of their own and take on adulthood, many people at the church felt that there was a need for a new group that would aim its message at younger people with a stimulating new sound.

Billboard: How long did it take to complete Youth Revival from start to finish?

Toggs: From the time we started writing the songs, then rehearsing the material and finally recording the tracks, about six months.

In all honesty, it’s a pretty seamless body of work, in that it’s cohesive, rather than just a collection of songs that you created to be singles. Was that the original intention?

Aodhan King: That would be a definite yes. We discussed this project a lot as a team, making sure our hearts were in the right place, our intentions were positive and we were on the same page, intending to produce an album of meaningful songs.

Billboard: On the “sound” — and I know artists aren’t fond of categorizing — but you’re kind of tagged as an EDM band in a lot of the press materials that I see for the group, yet there’s a lot more to it: mainstream pop, great harmonies, strong worship ballads. For someone not familiar with the group, maybe a casual listener, how would you describe the sound of the project?

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Toggs: Well, we’re a true collective — a diverse group of talented people from various backgrounds. So there’s a fusion of styles and sounds here and it’s difficult to categorize, yet there’s definitely a mission at work to make music that attracts a young audience.

Read Full Interview Here

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