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As we are all aware blogging has become somewhat of a trend for lack of a better word. Not only has it not been taken seriously world-wide but I have also heard that if you are not living in Europe, the USA or Australia you might as well quit now if you think that you are going to actually make a name for yourself.

As a blogger myself I obviously disagree with that world view. I believe that the reason why someone would blog is because you have a passion for it and yes it may take a while to get to where you want to be but that is not a bad thing. In my opinion if it happens too quickly it can crash just as quickly. sometimes you just have to put in the hard work in order to get the results you want.

As a blogger myself I have come across many different types of bloggers. You can very quickly sift between the ones that are real, genuine, their passion is spilt into their work and they are not trying to impress anyone but they simply just want to fulfil the dream they had in their hearts. Sadly the ones that are trying to impress, posting content that is not in their niche or simply just want to know and mix with the ” IT ” so to speak, They mind find a harsh reality hit them when they are not succeeding.


In my Journey I have picked up a few things that I think sets you apart as a blogger and have come across a few extraordinary women who I think are killing it in this very fast growing industry and are giving South Africa a good name. I hope that this post leaves you feeling inspired to do what you are called to do and makes you not want to give up just because things are not going your way or are not happening as quick as you would like.

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Just because you have a dream in your heart to start your own blog or business and it is not taking off as quick as other people’s are, it does not mean that yours won’t or that it was a bad idea. Keep at it. If it is a passion and all you can think about is blogging then do not give up, in the right time the right thing will happen.

In the mean time just keep doing what you are doing. which leads me to my second point


As much as it is about knowing who your target audience is and always having them in mind when you are writing or doing a post, the most important thing to remember is that you need to write for yourself, if you are passionate and excited about writing and posting on a specific topic, It is most likely that people will buy into that so to speak. I have discovered that people want real, they want genuine and they want quality. Someone that knows what they are talking about because they love it and not because it is the ” IN THING ” to talk about.


Everyone has a different and unique set of talents and gifts. It would be silly to be a fashion lover but then have a food blog when you know nothing about food or cooking. Or you want to have a Parenting blog but you don’t have children. Its most likely that people will not listen to what you have to say if you are not living that life style on a day-to-day basis.

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Now it’s not to say that you have to be a professional or expert  in what you do in order to blog about it but like I keep saying if you are passionate about something you are going to put the effort into what ever you do and it will look good because you took the time in doing it.

BE YOU when you blog. We have enough people out there doing the same thing.

STOP caring what others think of you. If you love something post it, if it seems as though it is similar to other blogs that’s ok. As long as you know that you are blogging about something that is close to your heart. ITS ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT APPROACH!!!

These ladies in my opinion are taking the country by storm and with more of them popping up here and there, who knows ” FASHION BLOGGERS TV SOUTH AFRICA ” just saying. ( A Girl can dream )


MY LIFE IN PINK  ( Emma Jane )  MLIP_Prague-Gardens_121-copy-1024x683

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“Hi, my name is Emma Jane, I am 22 years old, a full time model and a part time BBA student. I am currently working for an NPO called Future Cape Town and am a professional YouTuber.”



TAYLOR MADE – Beauty Blog ( Le’Chelle Taylor )  IMG_9354

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“Hi, I’m Le’Chelle, a 22 year old YouTuber, blogger and beauty enthusiast. I quote movies that nobody besides my sister understands, am secretly an introvert who thinks that cats are the worst animals and my biggest pet peeve is eating noises.”


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Ms. Paula Bee ( Paula Bianca Jacobs )


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“Full name: Paula Bianca Jacobs

Born: 3 July 1993

Lives in: Cape Town, South Africa.

‘Ms Paula Bee’ was created in 2014 as an alias to showcase my love for all things pretty, such as fashion, makeup, hair and photography.”



FANCY PANTS ( Amy Scheepers )


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“Personal style, photography, & travel blog by Amy Scheepers”



GOLD CREATURES ( Keagan Kingsley )


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“Gold Creatures is a collaborative platform that celebrates young talent in the fashion & music industries. Dedicated to men’s and women’s fashion, and pretty much all things beautiful, Gold Creatures applauds Youth Culture not only in South Africa, but around the globe. The Gold Creatures team consists of Keagan Green and Greg Carlin who together, aim to create beautiful content.”


1 Comment
  • Ms Paula Bee
    October 8, 2015

    This post is so sweet. I appreciate your appreciation.
    Thank you for the support love. I am glad that I can be some sort of inspiration.

    Keep doing what you love! God bless xx

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