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​I came across this post from Zanita on how to become a better writer. I thought it was quite insightful and helpful and thought that if you are a writer or blogger yourself or know people who would find this interesting then keep reading or share it with your world.

1. Read what you want to write

Figure out the kind of “voice” you gravitate towards and want to develop for you. Do you want to come off like a casual friend? Professional? Or Comical? Then, go out and read those kinds of articles. I emphasize that you read a lot and pay extra attention to the word placement, vocabulary, and style of those pieces. And after reading enough of them, you’ll start to reference the same tone and structure in your own writing without even trying. You should of course highlight your own personality as well.

2. Jot everything down

Whether it’s an idea, phrase, conversation, or image, just write it down (or e-mail it to yourself) because if you don’t, you’re guaranteed to forget. I find that these things come handy when I’m in the process of writing and need a little inspiration or want to switch up my voice and try a new style.

3. Talk it out

It’s common for your mind to blank out when you first start – you might even spend hours looking at an empty page before words begin pouring through. To help with this mental block, pretend you’re talking to a sibling or a friend – what would you say about that topic. You should even ask yourself questions and answer them. I find that talking out loud eases me into writing and also helps me compose articles that feel more conversational, which is important because no one wants to feel like they’re reading a thesis when they’re really reading a blog.

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