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Posted on 3 m read

Do you sometimes go through seasons in life where things get so so bad that your perspective gets drowned out and you simply can’t remember any of the good times? I most definitely have and it has caused a lot of damage that through my lack of seeing things the way they should be, myself …

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you need a leather jacket

Posted on 2 m read

I think it is common Knowledge or at least I think it is, that having a leather jacket in your wardrobe is a must. So why am I putting such an obvious piece in my winter must have wardrobe?  What I have found that maybe not everyone takes into account is that you need a …

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In the shadows

Posted on 5 m read

I won’t be lying when I say I feel super vulnerable after a share every post with you. I put my heart on the line in hopes that somebody out there will feel moved by my words, be encouraged my story and equipped to be better for Life’s next challenge. I don’t claim to know …

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