The Stand out vs The Nobody, Who will you choose to be

From the way people dress to the manner in which they carry themselves on the street, let me tell you something, everybody is trying to be somebody. Which I guess isn’t entirely bad, unless you’re trying to be somebody else and not yourself. Read more


    When the walls are caving in


    Do you sometimes feel like God has forgotten you? Even though you know deep down that he hasn’t, I mean how could he, he is God. God is all knowing and perfect in every way how could he forget about me?
    For about a year or so I can honestly tell you that, that is how I felt when it came to the plans God has for my life. Even though before I became a Christian God very clearly put many dreams in my heart one of them being to sing, and now about 10 years later I am actually living out part of that dream. I see it now!….. but let me take you back to the beginning of this year. My heart was in a completely different place and I felt the walls caving in on my dreams. Read more


    How to live without a spirit of fear


    Every human being has a story. Life has showed me over and over again that you should never look at someone and think they have it easy. You will never know. In the same way that everyone has a story, there are also different seasons in one’s life. Life is a journey and through each season God moulds our character and forms us for the next season. Many things have happened in my life, but God has graced me with His strength and joy to conquer each season. Read more


    Too busy for real life


    This past week, I have had a very bad chest cold, which resulted in more me- time and to be quite frank, I haven’t had me-time for a very long time.
    Being sick has a way of bringing us back to reality and not the term of “back to reality” people use to express their saddened state of coming back from a vacation to work or to class. The reality that is just you being faced with the real you, with the air that you’re breathing and the sweet stillness around you. Read more