Confidence cover up

Ever since I decided to only use natural products on my skin I have gotten so many girls come up to me and either say, but Tami you never had bad skin to begin with, to which I would respond and say that yes I did and that the only time they ever saw me was when I had makeup on.  You see when you use makeup to cover up, soon you start to gain a false sense of confidence. I would never leave the house without makeup on even if it was to go to the …

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Look what you made me do

In the famous words of Taylor Swift, I say to my old skin care routine and my makeup with much sadness LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!! You have given me no choice but to go the natural way, yes it may mean as a blogger I don’t get free makeup or skin care products to review but my skin and body’s health are way more important than getting free stuff if I am just going to be honest. What you might not realize is your favorite skin care products can be significant contributors of harmful ingredients, …

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Love myself

What are your first thoughts when you hear the phrase ” Love Myself ” I find it to be such a controversial statement, in this day and age it can be taken in a negative light. In a world where selfies, superstars, entertainment and SELF confidence is at the forefront of our culture its hard to say that you love yourself because it could come across as conceited or self-centred and that’s the last thing we want people to think of us.

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