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Christmas spoils part 1

Posted on 0 2 m read 1 views

It’s not often that I do posts like this where I show you the things I love most. I have never really been one to celebrate the build up of Christmas. I love Christmas day but I never really did anything to make my home feel or look christmassy. in fact this year was the first year after being married for 4 years that we …

Christmas at the Kolbes

Posted on 1 3 m read 44 views

So it’s that time of the year again when we start thinking about all things Christmas, family time, gifts, Christmas music, food, food and more food. I love Christmas time and I wanted to give you all just a taster into what Christmas at the Kolbes really looks like year in and year out. Ok so if I can be honest for the past couple …

The real Friendship killer

Posted on 0 5 m read 181 views

I come to you today with a heavy heart because as you know writing these blog posts week in and week out is like having open heart surgery. Typing out my thoughts, experiences and lessons I have learnt is not easy and often means I need to put aside my pride and sometimes embarrassment in hopes that someone reading this will be changed for the …